Shark Ordo Ab Chao: Another Oahu 'Shark Attack'- North, South, East, Now West Shore All In 3 Weeks; 10-28-15

Sharknado Planet Earth: Two More Shark Attacks On Oahu 10/17/15, 'Expert' Blames 'Human Activity'; Numerology Clues 1-18-15 "..."'shark encounters on demand' by the baiting of specific areas to draw real sharks (?) -- when reported incidents defy normal probabilities while at the same time advance known zio-global agendas, these things are at the least worth noting...Waikiki is on the South Shore of the island of Oahu...Lanikai is on the east side of Oahu...Two reported shark attacks on the same day on different sides of the island in areas that have never had a shark attack - what are the odds. Answer: astronomical against the probability. Then there was the recent attack reported on 10-9-15. That one was on the North Shore of Oahu. In just about the space of one week then sharks have attacked on the North Shore, the South Shore, and the East Shore - John Q. Public is told. Watch out West Shore!
Another Shark Attack on Oahu - And Wouldn't You Know - This time It's The Westside 10-28-15

Some details from three different sources:

1. - A 10-year-old boy was seriously injured in a shark attack off a Hawaii beach on Wednesday, according to emergency officials and local media. The boy was in the water off Makaha Beach on Oahu when he was attacked, the Honolulu Emergency Services Department said in a statement on its Facebook page. An ocean safety captain who was in the water at the time swam the child to shore, it said. A photo attached to the post showed lifeguards huddled around a boy whose leg and foot were bandaged and slightly bloody. - source

2. - A 10-year-old boy was seriously injured in an apparent shark attack off the coast of Makaha in Hawaii on Wednesday...Mike Ward, who was nearby, told Hawaii News Now that he captured the attack on his GoPro camera without realizing it. After putting his camera down and going over to help, he asked the boy what was wrong, to which the child responded: “A shark is following me.” - source
3. - Officials said earlier that in the day a shark was seen eating dead pigs that had washed into the water on a nearby beach. - source
Borrowing from the 'follow up' post linked at top this statement, which applies here just as it did with the reported 'double shark-incident' of 10-17-15: "Separating fact from fiction is virtually impossible with reported news events these days. Is it real or is it staged, or is it completely made up - just a work of fiction sent out through the distribution channels -- Sharknado planet earth is now well into this category. Take these latest two shark-incidents. Too much strangeness..." [see post]. The same actually holds true for the 10-9-15 North Shore shark-incident also [see post: link]. The details of the previous incidents will not be repeated here [see posts] other than to do some noting: for instance the fact of the reported locations as being three of the four 'sides' of the island of Oahu; and then to note the comment (quoted above) made at that time noting the unlikeliness of such a pattern over such a short time frame; and on that basis then noting that the West side perhaps might just be next for some shark-type action. And what do you know, wham, in very short order, Westside Oahu gets a 'shark attack'.

North, South, East, and West - in three weeks time. For the record though it must be pointed out that technically the reported South Shore Waikiki shark attack, the second-half of the 10-17-15 Lanikai/Waikiki reported double-attack, was the next day 'unreported', and then re-reported as an "eel bite". Even though eels obviously have very small mouths and sharks have very large mouths, and eels are small with very narrow bodies and have no fins - it took a whole day for someone to figure out that it was not a shark. Regardless of the 'confusion', the shark-scare had done it's damage. It should also be noted that one week later later 5-25-15 reports of two shark sightings off Waikiki were made [link] and the beaches were again plastered with shark-warning signs. All of a sudden sharks are all over Waikiki? How can that be? Sharks are never seen in Waikiki. Waikiki has never had a shark attack - ever.

And now what about this latest reported Shark attack on the "Westside" of Oahu. Anything unusual? First thing of interest would have to be the location being the world famous iconic surfing beach Makaha. There is no higher profile spot on the entire West Shore of Oahu. The last shark incident at Makaha reportedly was 1969. The story is that the surfer was not bitten but that a shark had taken a bite out of the board. Nothing since then. Sharks at Makaha...doesn't happen. Next thing unusual would be how quickly the scene was wrapped up. As widely reported, seems that all emergency people were essentially at the scene at the moment of the incident - even some in the water. One reporter during a live-stream press conference the following morning [10-29-15] remarked that the scene seemed to be a 'textbook' rescue-scenario, noting how all the right 'first-responder' types just happened to be on location and able to jump right into action immediately. To come away with the impression that the whole thing went down almost like a drill would not be all that hard to do.

Interesting also is that all visuals released were completely indefinable. As reported in the #1 article above - in the one photo released that shows anything the only thing visible was huddled lifeguards and a bandaged leg. Another strange part of the story, article #2, was the guy in the water with the GoPro camera who 'accidentally' caught the attack on film, but reportedly didn't know it - who then, as the story is reported, turned the camera off before going closer to see what was happening. Who does that - turns off the GoPro at the big moment. Oops! - no video. Well there was the 'accidental video' which was released - that will have to do, concerned public. Problem though is that that video footage showed nothing - water drops on the lens, looking directly into the blinding sun, and, for just a brief moment, a fuzzy pixelated little black thing in the distance that apparently is to be taken for the shark's fin. And, last, the claim that sharks had at some point prior to the incident been seen eating dead pigs that had somehow floated out into nearby waters. Makaha never sees sharks, but they did this day - so maybe, just maybe...it was a pig thing...yeah that might explain it.

World famous surfing beach Makaha on the West Shore of Oahu first ever actual shark attack on a human, is now the official story. Here is the thing. Is the idea of staged scripted simulated shark attacks even conceivable. North, South, East, and now West shores of the Oahu in less than three weeks. It's a full circle. Thing about this latest, if the thought of a 'staged false-flag sharknado' were even to be conjectured, the fact is that there could be no possible better site on Oahu's entire Westside than world famous surfing beach Makaha to do it. Without question it would provide the maximum possible impact, and longest lasting. Just noting again.

West, North, South, East - sharks surrounding the island of Oahu so it seems. No place safe anymore obviously. What oh what is going on? It must be the "Sharknado" thing, something like what the East Coast USA experienced over the summer 2015 months with at least eleven anomalous 'shark attacks' reported in North and South Carolina from May to about the first part of July.

(Hidden-in-plain-sight)  'THE PERFECT SHARK STORM" - promo for "Sharknado 3" released July 23, 2015 - link
Without question something 'not normal' is happening with regard to sharks. It's not just Hawaii or the East coast USA though, it is global. California to South Africa and everywhere in between, what is going on could well be described as some sort of shark ordo-ab-chao

Real...or otherwise, it is not possible to say. Each will have to decide for them self.

What is possible to say though is this: Watch to see what 'new ocean order' comes out of the 'global shark chaos'. That a 'new order' will come out - it's a guarantee. Agenda 21 aims to regulate all ocean activity. Is there a 'perfect shark storm' underway to 'police state' the oceans. Here's a sure thing - the global shark ordo ab chao is far from over. Stay tuned.

Rev. 18:4
see all: global shark psyop
Isaiah 23:11 'He stretched out his hand over the sea, he shook the kingdoms: the LORD hath given a commandment against the merchant city, to destroy the strong holds thereof'

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