Shark Psyop Series: 10-9-15 Oahu Shark Attack Happens While Shark-Attack Documentary Filmed; And "Jaws 19", Back To The Future II

Related to: Mick Fanning 'Shark' Attack Real Or Simulated...Or 'Other' -- And New NWO 'Animals Attacking Humans' Psyop; "Zoo" TV Show 7-19-25 "Is the animal kingdom rising up against humankind? ...The new Hollywood production titled "Zoo" hit the airwaves just weeks ago with this exact theme...namely the animal kingdom rising up against humanity...Which brings us to this latest 'wild animal attack' on a human - another reported shark attack. This occurred today 7-19-15. What is especially interesting about this is that it occurred at a very high profile type scenario...But is it real? Or is that possibly a mechanical shark like in the movie Jaws, or perhaps some sort of human-powered contraption. Just thinking out loud. The whole scenario does fit the "Zoo" theme just a little too neatly does it not... Now if all that is completely wrong, there is still another much less pleasant possibility to consider. This would have to do with the idea of 'shark encounters on demand' by the baiting of specific areas to draw real sharks. Just thinking out loud again...Nothing can be proven of course, so once again we have to leave it here. Decide for yourself. Is the 'naturalness' of this 'encounter' - the timing, the location, etc. convincing...or maybe not actually, considering other factors that may bear upon this high profile incident - like the new nwo theme song of 'animals attacking humans'. As far as that goes, it does seem way too convenient. In fact, the bang-for-your-buck factor is off the chart with this one...[see post]
This post is merely to note some "odd twists" and general strangeness with regard to recent shark-attack related news reports. No solid conclusions can be drawn, but when reported incidents defy normal probabilities while at the same time advance known zio-global agendas, these things are at the least worth noting. In this instance the most recent 'shark attack' story reported from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, which has been reported worldwide, and a few things having to do with the 1989 movie "Back To The Future II". First is the "odd twist" connected with last week's shark-incident on the North Shore of Oahu:

Surfer loses leg after shark attack off Oahu’s North Shore

On Friday morning [10-9-15], Hawaii saw its fifth shark attack this year when a surfer was bitten off Oahu’s North Shore.

At around 10:25 a.m., a 911 call came in for an injured 25-year-old male surfer. The incident occurred near the popular surf spot known as Leftovers. Family and friends identified the man as Colin Cook, who lives on Oahu, and confirmed the shark took his leg.

In an odd twist, shark attack survivor Mike Coots was at the scene of Friday’s incident. He was shooting a documentary about his personal experience. In 1997, a shark attacked Coots while he was bodyboarding off Kauai’s west side. Coots also lost his leg.

Quotes from 46-second video [at article link]: "A Kauai man who made headlines nearly ten years ago after surviving a shark attack was at the scene of today's incident...Mike Coots was shooting a documentary about his experience, trying to take his message of forgiveness worldwide...Coots said he does not blame the shark...he is actually trying to fight to protect the animal from poachers and overfishing"

An "odd twist" indeed, is it not, that this man, who reportedly lost his leg in a shark attack, would be at that beach, on that day, at that exact time, filming a documentary about shark attacks. His shark-incident is said to have occurred not on Oahu, but on the outer Hawaiian island of Kauai, yet he was filming at this beach on the North Shore of Oahu on this day, camera crew and all. The North Shore of Oahu has been called the '10-mile miracle' because of it's many world class surf breaks all located in one ten-mile stretch of coastline. The documentary filming could have been going on at any of these surfing beaches, yet it just happened to be going on at the exact location of the incident, at the exact moment that it happened.

Note also two things about the documentary being made. First, it is said that the message is of "forgiveness" toward sharks, presumably because sharks have 'ocean priority', and second, that the documentary is intended to go worldwide. Apparently it has now already gone worldwide being connected to this incident, even though not finished. In fact, when it is finished, what a documentary it will be - it will document a 'live shark attack'. This shark-forgiveness ocean-priority theme is without question a now-known global agenda. What went down on this beach on this day will definitely help forward that agenda. How does that happen?

One more thing to note in passing, namely the date of the incident, 10-9-15. Ten pus nine equals 'nineteen'. This introduces a little numerology-coincidence that is very strange if nothing else, but which might also be seen see as tying this event into a bigger picture. See the following:

The follow up link at the top is on the Mick Fanning J-Bay South Africa 'shark incident' which happened on 7-19-15. Here is a link posted in a comment by a reader on another post (John C. on 'Tasmania' - see below*) on the same subject: Did Back to the Future 2 Predict Mick Fanning's Shark Attack?

The writer of this blog-article made an interesting observation with regard to some seemingly very-strange numerology surrounding the Fanning incident, having to do with the number '19' and the 1989 movie 'Back To The Future II'. Briefly, he pointed out that the movie BTTF II had a scene set in 2015, where 'Jaws 19' was showing in a theater. He then noted that Mick Fanning happened to be wearing the number '7' on his jersey at the time of surf-contest incident, and that the incident happened on 7-19 [2015]. '7' and '19' and Jaws [shark attack] and 2015 -  all in common. That's the gist of it - see at link.

Here are clips of the scene [video link]. The scene has the main character travelling to the future - with a little research revealing that this scene is given a date in the film of October 21, 2015. As he begins to check out the town where he ends up he comes across a movie theater playing 'Jaws 19', when suddenly a holographic shark pops up from the building and 'holographically' bites his head off:

'Back To The Future II' scene dated in the movie as October 21, 2015;
The marquee board reads 'Jaws 19 - this time it's really really personal'
Related to that scene in BTTF II is this very new video, which was also posted at the above linked blog-article. It is basically a spoof-video for 'Back to the Future' fans put out just last week (10-5-15) by the producers, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Just-for-fun, apparently, they decided to mark the arrival of the 2015 date used in the movie with a spoof-trailer for the fictitious 'Jaws 19' movie seen in BTTF II:

A few interesting things about this 'spoof' video. There have been four 'Jaws' movies total: Jaws; Jaws II; Jaws 3D; and Jaws The Revenge. The clip starts off with "Jaws made you afraid to go in the water...Jaws II made you afraid to go back in the water...Jaws 8 made you afraid of robotic sharks...and then runs through the list up to Jaws 19 with this very interesting statement: "the oceans are disappearing and to save their home the sharks must attack...Jaws 19...this time it's really really personal".

On that note of being "personal", there have been numerous shark-encounter type stories of late, too many to always post something on, but there is one in particular worth mentioning here as it illustrates perfectly the "personal" shark-psyop propaganda being put out increasingly. It was late September of this year 2015 that a story came out and got a lot of attention. As the story was reported, with a little nondescript video to go along with it, a kayak-fisherman off the coast of California had an encounter with a 'very aggressive' shark that, it is said, would not go away. According to this story the man paddled his kayak to the beach and the shark "stalked" him all the way back to shore and then swam back and forth in the shallow water as if to warn him to stay out [link]. This of course is beyond ridiculous. Nonetheless it made all the msm news cycles for a couple of days. Psyops are progressive.

Back to the Jaws 19 video though and a few things that come through: Making you afraid to go in the water, robotic sharks getting a mention, and the main 'Jaws 19' theme which is the connection between all of this - "Oceans disappearing...to save their home...sharks must attack...really really personal". There it is - the zio-global agenda, all neatly wrapped up in that one statement, which things are the very agenda-items connecting all-of-the-above. Namely, the same-day (October 2015 - Jaws #19 numerology?) same-location shark-attack documentary-maker who is hitting on the 'saving the sharks home' angle, while the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda is hitting on the 'sharks attacking in self-defense' angle. How much coincidence is too much? Anyway, note then the spoof-video ends with "COMING SOON".

As pointed out in the lead in paragraph at top, no conclusions can be drawn with any certainty. Noticing the many "odd twists" surrounding these events is all that is being done. What is certain though is that getting 'humans' out of the ocean is Agenda 21. What is also clear is that Agenda 21 will never happen by itself. Another thing that seems to be a fact is that 'strange' shark-incidents seem to be increasing in a similar manner to the way in which staged-scripted random-shooting type events have now become a regular thing. And, as mentioned in the 'follow up' linked at top, there really are only a few ways this could be possible [see above].

With that, we can only leave it there, and continue watching. Without a doubt though, as all-things shark-related 'progress', all-things shark-related will become more clear. COMING SOON say they. Which brings up a question: Any reason to doubt that? Be informed
 Rev. 18:4
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Revelation 10:1-2 'And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth'

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On the spoof Jaws trailer, during Jaws 16 the voiceover says "took a bite out of the big apple" If you look at Jaws 16 upside down, you can see 9 11