Marines To 'Train' (Public For Martial Law) In Downtown Los Angeles December 5-16, 2014; Ferguson, NY, "Phoenix"

Camp Pendleton Marines To Conduct Training In Downtown LA

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — Residents in and around downtown Los Angeles could hear helicopters or other military aircraft over the coming days as Marines and sailors from Camp Pendleton train in preparation for a deployment.

The training is part of a two-week military exercise that starts Friday and extends through Dec. 16 and involves about 2,400 members of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, according to the Associated Press.

While residents could see as many as six military helicopters buzzing over the downtown area over the next week, raids being held at several undisclosed locations in the city will be off limits to the public for safety reasons, Capt. Brian Block told the Associated Press.

Dozens of Marines will raid buildings and shoot paintballs from modified M-15s as part of the exercise, but no residents live in the spots where the pseudo-combat will take place, according to Block.

Similar exercises will also take place at various California military bases, at a site near Las Vegas, and another site outside Flagstaff, Ariz., according to officials. Block said the Los Angeles portion will take place over a couple of days next week.

The military worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Department and notified property owners so no one will be caught off guard, Block said...A notification announcing the exercise was sent out Friday morning on the LAPD’s official Twitter account.

Posse Comitatus? Blatantly disregarded in Amerika 2014 obviously

Military games in the downtown streets of LA California? There is only one name for that - martial law desensitization. Same thing currently underway in Ferguson, and NY, and of course wouldn't you know, now Phoenix. Only difference is that the drills in those cities are live as a result of the 'chaos' factor - namely the string of concurrent supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings.

Always 'chaos' must be introduced in order to implement desired changes. That the 'chaotic events' in the above mentioned cites will be instrumental in bringing about 'desired changes' is made clear by the news of the latest one coming from of all places Phoenix - a telltale clue 'not hidden', but right out in plain sight. The 'Phoenix', the very symbol of the 'new order'. The phoenix - that only rises from the ashes of the old. Ashes of course speaking of the complete destruction of the existing. Bringing in chaos so as to destroy the existing, so as to raise the phoenix...is what the out-in-the-open clue of the latest location being Phoenix reveals about this string of supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings (not that the clue is really needed to see through it).

Real or productions? -Real like Aurora, Sandy, Boston, etc.? Still believing the msm - i.e. the manufactured-news stream media?

The 'rising phoenix' from this current production is the 'normalizing' of an open full-blown police state. And as being witnessed, the whole thing is being accomplished rather easily: Desensitizing via repetition. The result of repetition is always 'normalizing'. Seeing something over and over and over it becomes 'normal'. Which explains the current repetitive story line which of course encompasses much more than just these most recent 'occurences'. That story line being pushed is authoritarian police.

An unaccountable police state i.e. the '(z)nwo' is the 'new normal' that John Q. Public is being 'trained' about. In the streets of Los Angeles CA next. Be aware.
Compare: Pentagon 'Rule Change' Grants Military Unchecked Domestic Authority In "Emergency Circumstances" 5-14-13 Establishing military rule over the USA. It was just less than a year ago that this very thing was first openly "proposed" [see post]. It has now become a reality, and that by nothing more than, as the title of the above article points out, a unilateral decree. The 'Dorner show' [link] a few months back opened the door, the 'Boston production' [link] walked through the door and immediately began to set up shop permanently. These two events are just later-stage development of the ongoing long term plan though. Amerika is only one region of the global military rule necessary for the Zionist kingdom-come [link] to function as such (and bow 'never' to the six-pointed star of Remphan - Acts 7:43). The plan is global, Amerika is to be fully assimilated, and as all are now witnessing, this aspect of the global-plan is absolutely on full speed ahead. All will be impacted...Be fully understanding, it is very late in the game. As mentioned above, this is bible prophecy. After the nations of the earth are 'coagulated', the Word of God [Dan. 7:24] says the next thing that will happen is that "ten kings shall arise". Dost thou believe the Word of God?

Rev. 18:4
12-13-14 update: Los Angeles 'Martial Law Games' Update: Marines "Raid" Dodger Stadium - Call For More Opportunities

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