The Stoning Of Amerika: Federal Government Ends Ban On "Medical Marijuana" - Clearing Way For 'Full Legalization'

Follow up on: 'Global Leaders' Now Pushing To Legalize Pot And Cocaine Worldwide - Government Regulated 9-9-14 "In a report to be released Tuesday, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a panel of prominent political figures and activists, will call upon governments around the world to decriminalize drug use and legalize marijuana...members of the commission will meet with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and U.N. Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson to discuss the report's recommendations. The report is being released in anticipation of the upcoming U.N. General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs, scheduled for 2016. Members of the commission say they hope the U.N. will take their report's recommendations into consideration in reshaping global drug policy.
Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

[12-16-14] Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government's prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy.

The bill's passage over the weekend marks the first time Congress has approved nationally significant legislation backed by legalization advocates. It brings almost to a close two decades of tension between the states and Washington over medical use of marijuana.

Under the provision, states where medical pot is legal would no longer need to worry about federal drug agents raiding retail operations. Agents would be prohibited from doing so.

"This is a victory for so many," said the measure's coauthor, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa. The measure's approval, he said, represents "the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana."

By now, 32 states and the District of Columbia have legalized pot or its ingredients to treat ailments, a movement that began in the 1990s. Even back then, some states had been approving broader decriminalization measures for two decades.

"The war on medical marijuana is over," said Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance, who called the move historic.

"Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana," he said. "This is the strongest signal we have received from Congress [that] the politics have really shifted. ... Congress has been slow to catch up with the states and American people, but it is catching up."

re: "Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana"

History being made again, but as is all too common these days, not 'good history'. The U.S. Federal government has effectively ended the ban on so-called "medical marijuana", a move which clearly, as stated in the above article, "signals a major shift in drug policy". The extremely notable thing about that "signal" is that the new stated position is clearly aligning the Federal government with the newly recommended "drug policy" of the appearing out-of-nowhere 'Global Commission on Drug Policy' [see 'follow up' above]. This new global body is 'pushing' for "governments around the world" to decriminalize all drug use and for the legalizing of so-called recreational use of marijuana. Isn't that special?

The "war on medical marijuana is over", says Drug Policy Alliance lobbyist Bill Piper, and "now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana". Bill Piper? Sounds like a play on words about the bill they just passed - opening the door for the 'marijuana-pipers', or perhaps even a little twist about collecting lots of drug money out of the deal too...like 'billing' the pipers?

The reality though is that the "fight" to legalize drugs is already fixed. As has now become clearly evident, endorsing drug use by the populations of the world is actually a major agenda item for the novus ordo seclorum would-be masters of humanity. Full government sanction of "medical marijuana" clears the way for that agenda. Drug 'em all into submission seems to be the strategy:

See: NWO Plan To Get America 'Stoned' Underway - Dumb And Numb, Zombified; Colorado, Phillip Seymour Hoffman 2-4-14 "...what could possibly be the real reason for the sudden push to 'get America stoned'? The answer to that question is painfully obvious. Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way. Legalize it, and hurry up about it, says the novus ordo seclorum Washington D.C. division" [see post]

The wraps are off people - this Babylon world is out in the open now on virtually all fronts. Come out of her, my people - saith the LORD!  Rev. 18:4


Anonymous said...

This all seems so surreal. I feel like I don't even know who the human race is anymore. Who are these people????? And when I saw that Tylenol commercial - that could have easily been a preview for an upcoming T.V. series called "The Blossoming Family." Please pass the Advil and Alka Seltzer. This is beyond misguided. This is pure evil.

John Cole said...

The Problem with Stoned Diners in Denver