Australian Siege A 'Sydney Hook' To Expand Police State To "Soft Targets"? Event's One-Eye Signed Christmas Greeting

Australia: Police Lockdown as result of Sydney Siege

A police siege of a Sydney city cafe...in which a man was reportedly holding hostages, has been used to set in motion a massive police operation, locking down parts of the city’s CBD, amid sensational media claims of Islamic terrorism.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott twice convened meetings of the National Security Committee of cabinet and gave two nationally-televised addresses. In his first, he declared: “We have to appreciate that, even in a society such as ours, there are people who would wish to do us harm.” In his second, he said the person involved claimed “political motivation,” but gave no detail.

Widely published one-eye cryptic photo from Australia's "Morning Show" showing the holding up of the black flag with white Arabic writing during the 'Hostage Cafe' saga. Almost seems like a twisted little "Merry Christmas" greeting from the ZWO police state implementers.

Questions surround the origins of the siege, which began at a Lindt cafe in Sydney’s central Martin Place...Within minutes, a police Tactical Assault Team entered the building with gas masks and guns drawn, carrying M4 automatic rifles. Several city streets were blockaded off, major buildings were evacuated, and thousands of office workers, even two kilometres away, were ordered to stay inside their buildings, and keep away from the windows. Some train services were halted, and people were told to leave the city by bus because bombs might be planted in the subway system.

The Sydney Opera House was evacuated and surrounded by barricades, with a police helicopter circling overhead, after a false report that a suspicious package was sighted. All public schools within a one-kilometre radius of the CBD were placed in “lockout” mode, which prevented anyone from entering the schools or children leaving. The parliament building was evacuated, together with law courts, the NSW Art Gallery and the State Library.

Hundreds of police were mobilised throughout the city, and many more were deployed to create a visible police presence in working-class suburbs across the metropolitan area, including in Fairfield and Cabramatta, which are about 30 kilometres from the CBD.

Large numbers of police were also called out onto the streets in other states, including neighbouring Victoria and Queensland, where the police chief claimed to have information that explosive devices were involved in the Sydney siege.

Just before 4 p.m., NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said the police had activated Counter Terrorism protocols, under the direction of the Counter Terrorism and Security Command, which coordinates federal and state police and military units. “We’ve set up our command and control protocols,” she announced, while still not confirming any terrorist connection.

However, the massive operation has provided another glimpse, following the police-military operation at last month’s G20 summit in Brisbane, of the police-state measures being prepared in Australia, with the unanimous backing of all the parliamentary parties, under the guise of dealing with terrorists. The media scaremongering is aimed at conditioning the public to the rolling out of such police lockdowns.

Compare: Again? Mall Shooting In Maryland 1/25/14 Described As "Chaotic"; Would That Be Ordo Ab Chao? 1-25-14 "'Chaos', as is widely known, is Jewish-freemasonic-illuminati code for ordo ab chao - which as many also know at this stage of the game is Latin for order-out-of-chaos...Chaos 'disorders' the old order, creating then the opportunity for 'reordering' to the 'new'. The reordering in this instance apparently, from how these now numerous 'shooting-events' are playing out, looks to be the certain advancement of the NWO police-state apparatus into the much wider sphere of everyday life in the USA. Full-fledged is the only goal...and so-called "soft targets", like malls, are at the top of the list. Is what is happening ordo ab chao reordering? You make the call. On a side note, it is interesting to observe that the alleged shooter is said to have been killed. With this being the case the logistics of the incident are quickly wrapped up, the long-term effects remain. Just noting it" [see post]

Cui bono cui bono cui bono? As usual, as mentioned directly above, the alleged shooter in this Australian incident is said to also have met his demise and so essentially the story ends right there, but not the NWO-rhetoric to push the police state agenda - which is clearly the only thing that "cui bonos'" (benefits) from another episode of 'random shooter'. Similar scenario in Ottawa, Canada less than two months ago. One after another after another, to the point where J.Q. Public has now become virtually numb to it. How many times will it be used? Clearly, as now being evidenced, until the objectives are gained. As the Australian Prime Minister immediately declared in a national address, “We have to appreciate that, even in a society such as ours, there are people who would wish to do us harm". Obviously that statement is intended to lead to the deduction that a solution is necessary, which without a doubt will be making the claim of a necessity to expand the police state apparatus into, quoting from the paragraph directly above, "the much wider sphere of everyday life". Like perhaps armed security guards at the neighborhood cafe?

A 'Sydney Hook' is how it's done. See the picture? The 'eyes' have it - they always do.
 Rev. 18:4
Ezekiel 11:2 'Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city'

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