Tylenol 'Expands' Family In New Commercial: Lesbians, Ex-Husband, Kids, Unidentifieds, And A Jewish Ritual

Tylenol Promotes Lesbianism in New Commercial: ‘Our Definition of Family Is Expanding'

A new commercial released by the popular pharmaceutical company Tylenol features a lesbian twosome, along with the ex-husband of one of the women, who raise their children together as a family.

Abigail Rockwell, the granddaughter of Norman Rockwell, opens the commercial.

“Norman Rockwell painted America’s story for sixty plus years,” she states. “Our definition of family is now expanding and blossoming, so it’s not this rigid, fixed picture of what the family is.”

The advertisement then introduces viewers to what is known as the Beser Carr Schneider Musich family [full article at link]

Tylenol's expanding blossoming family happens to be two lesbians, an ex-husband, a third unidentified woman whose role is not stated, two kids from the original heterosexual marriage, other unidentified kids, and another kid having some unexplained relationship to the 'lesbian couple'...and four surnames. All summed up by the statement "We just happen to be four parents trying to raise our children."

Note: A prominent part of the commercial is a fairly direct promotion of "touching the challah" - a loaf of bread. This is what is happening on the visible still-shot on the below video. It is a Talmudic-Jewish ritual having to do with the sabbath. This open push for Talmudic-Judaism presented within the context of the totally deconstructed family unit makes abundantly clear the source of the radical 'new-world-new-family' agenda.

Think "Protocols".

Compare: "Is there a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world?" see: 'tikkun olam'

Be informed always.  Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 24:5 'The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant'

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