Nov. 2013 - Babylonian Hostile Takeover Nearing Completion

A snap-shot of the current state of affairs of the Tower of Babel II (re)building effort Nov. 2013 - 1. censorship; 2. speech-intimidation; 3. brave-new-world control systems; 4. sodomite worship; 5. planned eventual civilization destruction: [Rom. 10:13]
1.  We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It
...net neutrality is the principle forbidding huge telecommunications companies from treating users, websites, or apps differently — say, by letting some work better than others over their pipes [and] the second most powerful court in the nation behind the Supreme Court, the DC Circuit — is set to strike down the nation’s net neutrality law, a rule adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2010...setting up — on what we once called the information superhighway — the equivalents of tollbooths, fast lanes, and dirt roads...in their questions and statements during oral argument, the judges have made clear how they planned to rule — for the phone and cable companies, not for those who use the internet.

2.  Japan Likely To Pass New Secrecy Law That Would Put Whistleblowers And Journalists In Jail
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government is planning a state secrets act that critics say could curtail public access to information on a wide range of issues...The new law would dramatically expand the definition of official secrets and journalists convicted under it could be jailed for up to five years.’

3.  Face-Scanning Screens That Can Determine Your Age and Gender Are Coming to a Gas Station Near You
Next time you absent-mindedly watch the ads as you’re waiting to pay for a tank of gas, they might be watching you back...Digital advertising company Amscreen (a division of Alan Sugar’s Amshold) has announced a deal with British supermarket giant Tesco to roll out its OptimEyes technology across their 450 petrol forecourts. Screens near the pump will have a built-in camera with facial detection to measure how many people are viewing, and to determine their gender and age range based on visual features. In a press release, Amscreen claims the tech will “help to deliver more measurable campaigns for advertisers, as well as more relevant on screen content for the Tesco customer.”

4.  Bill Would Force Employers to Accommodate ‘Gender Transitioning’ in the Workplace
The U.S. Senate will take up a gay-rights bill next week that protects those undergoing “gender transitioning” in the workplace...According to The Hill’s Floor Action Blog, the Senate will hold a key procedural vote Monday on Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D-Ore.) Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a piece of legislation aimed at protecting gay and bisexual rights in the workplace...Section 8 of the bill discusses “‘gender transition” and prevents employers from fully enforcing “reasonable dress or grooming standards.” Instead, an employer who is told by an employee that they are “undergoing gender transition” must allow that individual to dress as the gender “to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning.” The Hill notes that the bill does not define “gender transition.”

5.  Prepare For A Grid-Down Scenario
On Nov. 13-14, America’s major electricity generating companies along with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and government agencies in Canada and Mexico will conduct a drill to test system responses to cyberattacks and physical attacks on the North American electrical grid that cause its widespread failure. The drill is called GridEx II, and it moves the threat of a total electrical blackout that sends the country back into the 19th century from the stuff of science fiction and/or tinfoil hattery to the mainstream.

Rev. 18:4

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