LAX, TSA, CIA-N-CIA Update: Without Missing A Beat TSA Calls For Armed Security At Checkpoints

Follow up on: TSA - LAX 'Shooting' A Hoax? "We...Practiced Three Weeks Ago...We Played Out Today" Says Spokesman 11-1-13 "...reported name of the alleged LAX Shooter, Paul CIAnCIA...The possibility has been brought up by some that this "incident" may be used to call for the arming of the TSA. Living in a world of make-believe - is it not beyond obvious" [see post]
Shooting Renews Debate on Armed Officers

[excerpted] LOS ANGELES—Roughly a year before the fatal shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport, federal security officials turned away a request by the head of the local airport-police union to ensure armed security was posted around screening checkpoints.

Over the weekend, the head of the union representing some 45,000 airport screeners of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration called on the agency to give weapons to certain employees and assign these personnel to checkpoints, though some experts said that raised concerns about proper weapons training.

TSA Administrator John Pistole said the shooting has prompted the agency to review its policies and protocols, including how it works with airport police forces. When asked if he would move to arm TSA officers, he said the agency plans to discuss improving airport security with Congress "writ large" but not specifically about arming screeners.

Rep. Michael McCaul, (R., Tex.,), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Sunday on CNN that he talked with Mr. Pistole on Saturday about a review of airport policies, including how the TSA coordinates with local law enforcement that typically secures an airport.

"I think it's important that we have local law enforcement really at different points at the airport to protect not only the perimeter, but also things that could happen through [the] security checkpoint," he said.

Want to bring in armed security at the nation's airport checkpoints? Easy as ABC - script an incident, practice it, play it out [see 'follow up' above]...then play it up. Nothing to it.

It is truly astounding to consider how it could be, that in this 'b-plot movie-script passed off as reality' world of today, that things have actually come to a point where with each successive 'crisis du jour' it is virtually immediately predictable as to the objective. But it has. fyi

Rev. 18:4
11-5-13 update: LAX Psy-op? 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?"
Nahum 3:1 'Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery'

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