[Update 11-29; Ison 'Ritual'] Imaginary Ison A No Show Nov. 28th - But Wait, More Comets On The Way, Says NWO

Updated 11-29-13:  This post is a follow up on: ISON "Comet Of the Century" Cometh, November 28th - December 26th; Or Is It 'Sion' (Zion) That Cometh? 11-16-13 "Real Event Or Occult Ritual...What about ISON? Is it even real? Is anything coming from the NWO reality-twisters believable anymore? Is ISON a hoax then? Spurious is one word that comes to mind when many of the 'facts' surrounding this reported incoming comet are examined....[see post] - Whether 'Ison' is real or the whole thing is an elaborate production for the purpose of providing an occultic kabbalistic symbology that 'Sion has come' will be known soon enough. Stay tuned..." [see post]
Comet Ison destroyed in Sun passage

Telescopes saw the giant ball of ice and dust disappear behind the star, but only a dull streamer emerge. Astronomers continued to search for the object, but it eventually became clear that the much vaunted "Comet of the Century" had gone out with a whimper. Despite its great size, Ison was probably torn apart in the immense heat and tidal forces so close to the Sun.

The European Space Agency's experts on the Soho Sun-watching satellite called the death of the comet at about 21:30 GMT.

"Our Soho scientists have confirmed, Comet Ison is gone," Esa's twitter feed announced.

Ison had captivated skywatchers with its promise ever since it was discovery by Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok in 2012.

Comets will stay in the news, however. Next year, in October, Comet Siding Spring will breeze past Mars at a distance of little more than 100,000km. And then in November, the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission will attempt to place a probe on the nucleus of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Real event or GLOBAL occult ritual

Since the supposed discovery of 'Ison" last year September 21, 2012, right at the bewitching time of the autumnal equinox, until today November 28th, the joint Thanksgiving holiday and first day of Hanukkah 2013, millions of people worldwide have been taken on a wild 'comet' ride. Never mind that the official storyline changed constantly and that the supposed photos of 'Ison' were all questionable, every one of them from the first to the last, those millions of people worldwide hung, "captivated", on every last detail of the reported comet that could be found - believing fully in icy Ison's existence. But just like that...before anything can be proved definitely, it's gone.

Imagine that.

Can millions worldwide be duped that easily? If so, where might the reality-twisters of the NWO go with the story lines of the next "comets" that they are already now reporting, as reported in the above article.

Meteorites, comets, comet fragments, asteroids, space rocks...the earth is at risk, say they [link], and the world just got a hugely elaborate, even ritualistic conditioning exercise in "Ison" (Sion/Zion - see 'follow up' above) to make the story convincing.

See through everything.
 Rev. 18:4
11-29-13 update: (quoted from the 'follow up' post [11-16-13] linked at top) "One very important consideration is the much speculation on the possibility of the earth being impacted by 'debris' if ISON were in fact to "break up" as a result of it's being overheated during it's "skimming" u-turn around the sun. Although many 'scientists' deny that there is any danger to the earth if this were the case, would this not create a possible scenario where sometime before Christmas and on into the new year strange objects falling out of the sky could be said to be 'comet fragments'? [link] This possibility has been discussed."

According to the latest 'plot-twist' 11-29-13 coming from NWO central, the ever-changing story now is that a 'small fragment' may have 'survived' (nothing visible no doubt), with the NY Times even calling it a "death and apparent resurrection" - link (think occult ritual - Sion/antichrist; see 'follow up' post linked at top), which of course then makes the "debris" scenario mentioned directly above playable...or perhaps even just used for a little 'earth scare'...No telling what direction this 'ritual' might get taken over the next month or so...stay tuned
12-2-13 update: Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists
2Timothy 3:1 'This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come'


John Cole said...

Have no fear because...

Humanity can deflect any killer asteroid -- if we know it's coming

tom m. said...

Quote from that article:

"Lu and four other spaceflyers spoke Oct. 25 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. A primary purpose of the event was to draw attention to the danger asteroids pose to human civilization and life on Earth, and to discuss ways to mitigate the threat...So it makes sense to focus on city-killers and other relatively small asteroids"

Yup, "city-killers" are all over the place out there, and could hit anytime, say they

John Cole said...


John Cole said...

And it looks like we are going to see the ison death and third day resurrection Phoenix rising ritual.


tom m. said...

The guy who made the 'Busted" video is making it out that 'Ison' is real, and NASA is doing a cover-up

But imo this supposed 'comet' is 100% 'imaginary' from the start

Latest 'expert' reports [mid-day 11-30-13] are that the reported 'surviving-fragment' is quickly fading out, and, sure enough, will not be visible:

"At first, ISON was written off as an "ex-comet." But hours later, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory — also known as SOHO — recorded a bright spot with what seemed to be a fan-shaped tail following the comet's expected orbit. The spot also showed up in images from NASA's sun-watching STEREO satellites.

Those images revived hopes that millions of skywatchers might be able to see at least a glimmer of the comet of the century as early as next week. But the fading glow suggests that ISON is now little more than a dissipating cloud of cosmic dust in the solar wind. Late Friday, Battams estimated that the cloud's brightness was magnitude +5 and fading fast. If that trend holds, ISON's remnants won't be visible to the naked eye.

Battams said skilled astrophotographers might be able to capture a picture of the comet's Thanksgiving leftovers within a couple days, when ISON has moved farther away from the sun's glare. The rest of us are almost certainly out of luck, though there's always a chance the comet will pull off yet another death-defying stunt"

Nothing to see here folks, move along move along (as usual). Oh they "might" come up with another "picture" though.

One thing about many of the videos and pictures - they are all actually giant 'eyes' - circular colored area with a [supposed to be the sun blacked out] pupil.

Millions worldwide have been staring for months right into the eye-of-horus

totally unaware

The debris play is still possible in the coming weeks - have to see

John Cole said...

"The debris play is still possible in the coming weeks - have to see"

Yep, here they come...

Breakup of Comet ISON meteorite could face the New Year, say astronomers.
http://www.itar-tass.com/spb-news/799733 You will have to translate the site. http://translate.google.com

""Christmas gift" from the comet... threatens to become a surprise for earthlings...debris from the head of it crosses the path of the earth around the sun a week later, just before the New Year, and meet with our planet...you can expect an intensification of meteor activity. This may seem like a bright flash in the sky tiny meteors, they will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere ... one can not exclude a meteorite falling to Earth... and meteorite crashes with great speed in the Earth's surface...Passage of the planet Earth through the cloud left over from comet ISON, coincides with a parade of planets. "January 4 Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Pluto are lined up relative to the Sun, which is quite rare," - said Sergey Smirnov...He also noted that observations of comet ISON remaining after cloud will help astronomers to confirm or refute existing theories about the impact of small bodies such as comets or asteroids, the evolution of the solar system, as well as to put forward new hypotheses."