Windows 8: The Cloud, Big Brother, And the Eye-of-Horus; The World Is Ready, Says Microsoft

Updated 11-23-12 The story starts here with this reference to an article posted in December of last year: Microsoft Silent Updates "A Strategic Direction Shift" - To "The Cloud"? 12-20-11 "Microsoft today said it will silently upgrade Internet Explorer (IE) starting next month, arguing that taking the responsibility out of the hands of users will keep the Web safer...."It's the future ... for all software...a strategic direction shift" - Would that strategic direction shift be to take all software out of the users control and "shift" it to the "cloud"? If that were the case, it would give tremendous internet 'gatekeeping' power to those now building their 666 totalitarian global kingdom." [see post]
It was a little less than one year ago that Microsoft announced their "strategic direction shift". That "strategic" move, they announced, would be to take the control of software "out of the hands of users", making the strong statement that this is in fact the "future...for all software". Although by definition this constitutes a totalitarian power grab of the 'digital-universe', note that the official explanation for it is to "keep the web safer". Anyway, as most are well aware, three weeks ago Microsoft released to a greatly less-than-enthusiastic reception their new "strategic direction" with a from-the-ground-up completely reworked version of their trusted Windows operating system. Enter the all new approach of Windows 8:

This is Microsoft's description of Windows 8, from their website:

Your life, connected through the cloud
Whether you're at work or at play, you can take your friends, files, and favorite sites with you. When you sign in to Windows 8 or Windows RT with a Microsoft account, your PC is connected to the cloud and the stuff that you care about is available wherever you go. Sign in to any device—your PC, laptop, or phone—and everything's there.

As seen, Windows 8 has in fact opened a 'window' to the 'cloud' for all users, whether they want it or not, and in that it is being used to subtly start the 'cloud shift', i.e. taking control of software out of users hands. What does Microsoft say about this? Below are two clips taken from a Youtube video that was used essentially as a promo for the official release of Windows 8, published one day before the actual start date. The message in this first image clipped from the video [linked below] could not be any clearer:

Windows 8: The World is Ready Commercial: (Youtube video published on Oct 25, 2012) "Microsoft has announced the availability of its Windows 8 operating system for its customers around the world. Starting Friday, October 26 [2012], consumers worldwide will have access to the latest Microsoft OS on a wide range of Windows 8 PCs, ultrabooks, tablets and hybrid devices."

The message in this second image from the same video could not be any clearer either. It is a hand-formation of a figure '8' - for Windows '8' of course, with, it just so happens, the infamous all-seeing-eye peering through, aka the 'eye of Horus'.

Understanding that such obvious occult symbolism is never random but always intentional, are the 'hidden' messages in this Windows 8 "The World Is Ready" promo video a statement that the world is considered now ready for Horus, i.e. the Antichrist - along with the global system to monitor and control everything and everybody that comes with him - and that Windows 8 (and beyond) is going to make it happen?

On that note it should be pointed out that many technology experts are stating that Windows 8 signals the end of the era of the home computer:
"“Best you start digging a hole in the back yard for your PC because it's gone - it's going to go,” technology commentator Steve Simms says. The Windows 8 operating system is a dramatic shift towards more mobile devices and can be used on different platforms from different companies, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer says...“What we've done is actually re-imagined Windows and we've re-imagined essentially the whole PC industry in addition to notebooks and desktops, we introduced the PC as tablet, which I think will be phenomenal.” [source]
They have "re-imagined" the PC industry...and changed the PC into a tablet, says Microsoft. Windows 8 intended to move everyone to cloud-connected "mobile devices" like tablets and phones very likely explains this next image of an exploding laptop from another Windows 8 - Youtube video-commercial. Oh well, dig a hole in the backyard and bury it, right?

Also, it is certainly no secret that "mobile devices" are very useful for tracking individuals, and, moving everyone to mobile devices could be seen as being very beneficial to the globalist agenda in that sense. Additionally it will be very advantageous in the transition to the use of mobile devices for financial transactions which is already in full swing worldwide [see ISIS; and here]. This scenario, doing away with cash, and digitalizing personal finances, gives total power into the hands of the software-controllers up there in "the cloud". Does it get any more Big Brother than that?

Apparently the would-be global managers feel that the "world is ready" for these things, and the only thing needed is global software-integration at the consumer level:

"90% of the PC’s on Earth are running Windows...log in with your Windows Account to any Windows 8 PC, and as it stores all your data in the cloud...[the] next logical step would be that this functionality would be extended to all capable devices...with Windows 8, [the] whole scene will change radically– The ecosystems will become commodificated in the sense that everyone, on any device, can start using them. Think of TV’s with Windows 8? Computers. Smart and maybe even featurephones. How many devices you know that could run Windows? ...even things like the ATMs usually run on Windows..." [source]

The reality is that Windows 8 evidently is the beginning of what will be a virtually 'universal' software-system. Everything everywhere will be easily connected into it, from computers to tablets to phones and perhaps even ATM's eventually [log on to your 'home page']. This is exactly what Microsoft is saying in the above quote from the Microsoft Windows 8 website [top of post]: "Your life, connected through the cloud". Connected to what? Connected to the Brave New World global grid of course - your life, digitalized, in the hands of the software-controllers of the nether-world.

Whose hands? The hands of the software controllers? Would that be Big Brother aka Horus? Which question brings up this last image clipped from another official Microsoft Windows 8 promo video: Microsoft Windows 8 Everything at Once TVC - Official Commercial. It is a music video titled "Everything At Once" - by Lenka. The refrain of the song is "All I wanna be, is everything at once". That raises the question of who exactly it is that wants to be "everything at once" to the users of Windows 8. Judging from the eye-of-Horus palms so prominently displayed the answer to that question it is not a difficult one.

One more important thing to note about Windows 8. It is widely known already but needs to be mentioned here just the same, and that is the fact that the new operating system has a 'kill switch' built into it:

"Windows 8 will have a feature that was never found on PC’s before: A kill switch that can remotely delete software and edit code without the user’s permission. Although Microsoft claims the switch would only be used for software that is downloaded from its app store, no official policies clearly define the actual purpose of the kill switch. In other words, nothing is truly considered “illegal” and that includes issues regarding spying, censorship and free speech. Although the kill switch is promoted as a “tool against malware” it can potentially accomplish much, much more. In fact, it would not be impossible to have all smart-phones and Windows PC’s simultaneously shut down at any given time." [source]   compare: 7-8-12 Executive Order For 'Emergency' Take Over Of Communications

Windows 8 is going to be shifting the masses to the cloud, and putting control of the software into the hands of Big Brother, aka 'Horus'. The world is ready they say. Do you want your life in the 'hands of horus'? Rev. 18:4
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Zephaniah 2:3 'Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger'

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