What About The Post Office Losing A "Record Amount"? What Else - Agenda 21 Global Government; And Twinkies

US Post Office reports record loss of nearly $16 billion

The Postal Service on Thursday reported losing a record amount in a single year — $15.9 billion — putting it one step closer to insolvency.

AP reports that the postal service was forced to default on billions in payments in order to avert bankruptcy. Because of the cash shortage, the post office defaulted on two payments into its mandatory retiree health benefits system that totaled $11.1 billion of the losses.

Without that $11.1 billion cost and other related labor expenses, the post office would have sustained an operating loss of $2.4 billion. Still a large amount but smaller than last year's loss of $5.1 billion...The postal agency said it will run out of cash in October 2013 unless Congress intervenes

"It's critical that Congress do its part and pass comprehensive legislation before they adjourn this year to move the Postal Service further down the path toward financial health," Postmaster General Patrick..."We're walking a financial tight rope—we can't sustain these large losses," Donahoe said.

But despite the huge losses, the agency said mail would continue to be delivered as normal and that employees will be paid on time.

This post is a follow up on: NWO "Eliminating" U.S. Postal Service: USPS Announces Unprecendented Cutbacks 12-5-11 "Fake financial insolvency...move in and take over...[and]..."virtually eliminate...[a]...mainstay of America"...Here is the very simple reality: Can there be a United States Postal Service when there is no "United States"? The short answer is no. Can any "mainstays" of America be allowed to remain when America, as it unquestionably is, is being dissolved into the Zionist-Agenda-21 global 'micromanagement' system? The short answer again is no. And that this is exactly what is in fact happening must be comprehended...Just as cities are now starting to be financially privatized, so all aspects of commerce must be privatized - including all shipping - owned, controlled, and operated for private profit by 'Beast International'. It is a key part of the only goal which is absolute micromanagement of the entire earth. That is exactly what Agenda 21 is all about....[see post]

Today's big 'financial crisis' news is simply the ongoing implementation of the master plan: This elimination of the USPS, to eventually be fully accomplished via privatization ala A21, is an integral part of that plan. Additionally, for the psychological effect, before the cabalist NWO 'paradigm-shift' can be successful, not only do the "mainstays" have to go - but those things that could be considered iconic symbols of Americana in the hearts and minds of the people - like "twinkies" for instance - well, they have to go too  ('Hostess' suddenly shutting down being of course the other big 'financial-crisis' news of the day).  Breaking the psychological attachments to the 'old order' makes it so much easier to submit John Q. Public to the 'new way'. At least that is the intent. See through it all. Rev. 18:4
Believer, Are You Watching Waiting Hoping..."for his Son from heaven..." 1Thes. 1:10

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