NWO And Michelle Obama Creating "Lets Move" Cities, Towns, And Counties

Update on: Michelle Obama's "Let's Move"; And Agenda 21 Totalitarianism 9-16-11 "The first 'Let's Move' deal, about 1 1/2 years ago [Feb. 2010 - here] was the absurd declaration of "childhood obesity as a national security threat" resulting in the initial formation of this "Partnership for a Healthier America"...Despite the nice-sounding name, the only partnership being built here is a global one. It part and parcel of the Agenda 21 global management plan being foisted on America, which in reality is simply a mechanism with which to practically operate the planned totalitarian global government, via 'networks of partnerships'.
Michelle Obama Wants to Create 'Let’s Move! Towns and Cities'

(CNSNews.com) – First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging local governments across America to become “Let’s Move!” cities and towns because local leaders are “uniquely positioned to champion healthy communities.”

First launched in 2010 but expanded this July, the initiative allows elected officials to sign up their locality as a “Let’s Move! City,” a “Let’s Move! Town” or a “Let's Move! County” and thus commit to various healthy eating goals.

“To provide children with a healthier start,” states Goal I (“Start Early, Start Smart”), “local elected officials commit to helping early care and education program providers incorporate best practices for nutrition, physical activity and screen time into their programs.”

The “Let’s Move! Cities and Towns” initiative is a partnership of the National League of Cities, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a nonprofit group that builds playgrounds to promote Mrs. Obama’s healthy eating agenda.

“The First Lady has always said that local leaders are uniquely positioned to champion healthy communities, which is why she called on mayors and other local elected officials to take a leadership role in June 2010 when she launched Let’s Move! Cities and Towns,” according to the July 18 news release announcing the expansion.

The campaign reports that hundreds of local officials have signed up to become a “Let’s Move” city or town, including the nation’s capital Mayor Vincent Gray. Other cities include: Newark, N.J.; Orlando, Fla.; San Antonio, Texas; Sacramento, Calif.; and Los Angeles, Calif.

re: "'Let's Move!'...expanded this July"

"The initiative allows elected officials to sign up their locality as a “Let’s Move! City,” a “Let’s Move! Town” or a “Let's Move! County" - This little news bite is an enormously significant development with regard to the one-world-government 'communitarian transformation' program now underway in New Amerika 2012. What has been done here is in fact taking the process to a whole new level by 'incorporating' entire cites, and towns, and counties into the totalitarian global system. Up until this point the NWO "Let's Move" control-usurping program had enlisted some big organizations like the National Restaurant Association for one, and the Girl Scouts to name another, and big businesses like Walmart had come on board, and even the nations school lunch programs had been commandeered [see link below]. But to be now openly dictating policy to entire cities is a serious upgrade of the agenda, and the result can only be a dramatic shift of power from the local to the global level.

And that is an absolutely true statement because the 'Let's Move" agenda is not at all a national one but is purely global in every aspect. It is Zionized-Agenda 21 "communitarianism", i.e. global-government directives carried out at local levels (community-based) in every city, town, and county on the planet. This is exactly that - and the so-called 'local' officials, as mentioned in the above article, have already been put in place in all of these locales to, whether ignorantly or knowingly, implement the transformation of their city, town, or county into the global system through which they are to be controlled. This was touched on in this post:

Michelle Obama and the The "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act" 12-14-10 "Massive interconnected networks of government, business, and private entities controlled by and answering only to the totalitarian global agenda. This is that. Brought into existence by way of deception (just like all things 'climate change'; see: Cancun Agreement), i.e. "childhood obesity" as an 'economic and national security threat'...' [follow links, connect dots]

Long story short is that while it may not seem apparent to most, the now former-USA is already functioning in the "end-time" one-world government system. Bible prophecy believers/watchers take note. Albeit not yet in it's final form, it is definitely here. Be acutely aware. Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 40:27 'Why sayest thou, O Jacob, and speakest, O Israel, My way is hid from the LORD, and my judgment is passed over from my God?'

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