Agenda 21 USA Update: "Dissolving Detroit" Put On The Table

This post is a follow up on: Bogus NWO Economic Crisis Now Being Used To Takeover American Cities: Harrisburg, PA Goes Into Private Hands 11-23-11 " Fake financial insolvency...move in and take over. Just like Italy, just like Greece...This ruling effectively dissolves the city as it gives control over it to the state - which has actually already assigned a "receiver". The governor signed a bill on 11-20-11 appointing a private party to the position. This puts full control of the city into private hands. Note that the Mayor's spokesman says that they want to "bring the elements of government together". Although few will understand the significance of that Agenda 21- doublespeak, it very clearly signals the intent to transition everything into the globalized model of 'public-private partnerships'...with the emphasis on 'private'. It is through this system that the kabalist-globalists, the 'private partners', intend to micromanage the entire earth... Detroit Michigan [is] being run through the same exercise [Detroit faces state takeover 11-20-11]. Note that in Detroit there just so happens to be a new law already in place - the "emergency financial manager law" - which will "cede control to an independent leader" appointed by the 'governor'. Exactly what just happened in Pennsylvania. [see post]
State lawmaker says "dissolving Detroit" should be an option

Detroit is at a political impasse that could lead to a financial collapse next month...Now, one state legislator is saying Lansing should consider “all its options”—including possibly dissolving the city as a municipality.

The idea of dissolving Detroit—and effectively merging it with Wayne County—has popped up occasionally in some business and political circles recently...But mid-Michigan senator Rick Jones is the first official to publicly discuss that as an option.

Still, Jones acknowledges this merger scenario is “unlikely.” He says the prevailing discussion in Lansing is about bankruptcy versus some kind of state intervention...Lawmakers in Lansing are also considering passing a revised version of the emergency manager law voters overturned in November.

Compare: Stockton CA Bankruptcy And Agenda 21 U.S. Transition 6-27-12 "What's it all about Alfie? According to "economists" it's not about Stockton, it's about "the failure of our national economy"....and "other large U.S. cities could be next". And according to the bankruptcy lawyer involved with the Stockon situation, the problem is nationwide, so much so that it has reached "perfect storm" status..." [see post]

also: Agenda 21 By Bankruptcy: Cities Across CA "May Cease To Exist" - LA Times 7-13-12 "Three bankrupt California cities in the last two weeks is just the "tip of the iceberg" says the Stanford economics professor...Even the cities that do not suffer 'bankruptcy' may simply "dissolve", says the spokesman for the "California League of Cities". The solutions proffered are "privatizing" and "regionalizing" of services. Privatizing and regionalizing is Agenda 21 globalization-speak aka dictatorship. The old order must be deconstructed before the new order can rise from the ashes...There is no place for state and local governments (or nations for that matter) in the community based Agenda 21 system. It is a GLOBAL management scheme...[see post]

The Detroit lawmaker says all options must be considered. Interesting to note from that article is that one of those options is to overturn the voters November rejection of the "emergency manager law" which had been passed over a year ago [see 'follow up' above]. That of course is the law that would put the city into private hands in the event of a "financial emergency". Votes? They don't mean a thing. Anyway, the only other two options named are dissolving the city outright or bankruptcy, or perhaps they have some creative combination of all the above up their sleeves. The bottom line is that Detroit has been marked out for dissolution for some time now, and apparently D-day for Detroit is now right around the corner. To take down a major city like Detroit would have to make a powerful psychological impact on Americans, essentially taking from them that sense of American invincibility that they've had all their life - which is exactly why it is about to happen. With that feeling gone, without even realizing it, the majority of people will tend to begin to resign themselves to the 'new' order of things. "Wow, if Detroit can fall, we really must be in big trouble"...they will tell themselves, and at that point they are just that much more easily transitioned into the enslavement of the 'privatized' communitarian zionist-world-order that is purposely deconstructing every country on the face of the earth.

Financial collapse so-called, leading to dissolved American cities, leading to the transition of the U.S. into the A21 privatized global government system, which will then, down the road, become the biblically foretold kingdom of the Jewish Antichrist [here]. This is that, you are witnessing it, the pace is accelerating, and all of it is happening by "intelligent design". Devilishly intelligent...with the end goal of owning even your very person. See through it all.
Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 51:25 'Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain'

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