Los Angeles City Council Enacts Agenda 21 Vegetarian Agenda - "Meatless Mondays"

Los Angeles City Council Embraces "Meatless Mondays"

LA became the biggest city to endorse the movement to reduce meat consumption for health and environmental reasons

Los Angeles is turning vegetarian – at least one day per week. Under a resolution unanimously approved by the City Council this week, all future Mondays in the City of Angels have been declared "Meatless Mondays."

It's part of an international campaign to cut down on meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. The council resolution (PDF) referred to the link between livestock and environmental problem, and noted that reduced consumption of animal-based foods can "lower our carbon footprint." [see links below]

re: 'international campaign'

The 'vegetarian-diet' hype coming from the NWO Bureau of Propaganda means only one thing: implementation of Agenda 21 with it's draconian restrictions on the general population. And make no mistake, it is absolutely an "international campaign". As always, blamed on fake global warming/climate change, believe it or not, this vegetarian 'bologna' is too.
- See these two posts for more information:

Green 'Scientists': Hamburgers Cause Global Warming 2-16-09 "'When it comes to global warming, hamburgers are the Hummers of food, say scientists...because beef is such an incredibly inefficient food to produce and cows release so much harmful methane into the atmosphere' - No hamburgers? ...Here is a partial list culled from the 1,140 page United Nations "Biodiversity Assessment Report", which was published in November of 1995. Things that are 'unsustainable' for the future global society:  "...modern farm production systems (no use of machines is allowed)...farmlands, rangelands, pastures...grazing of livestock...disturbance of the soil surface, large hoofed animals...[and so much more - see post]

More Copenhagen 'Save The Planet' Hype/Lies: World Needs Vegetarian Diet to Save Planet 10-27-09 "In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: “Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources. A vegetarian diet is better.”" - "The God-defying globalists have big plans for this earth, and believe it or not, in their envisioned new world, it is the common people that will be treated like 'cattle'.

Do not be fooled citizens of Los Angeles (or anywhere, as the "international campaign" is on it's way to where you live too) the only thing being served up on "Meatless Mondays" will be global green-enslavement. Be aware of what you are being force-fed, and it is recommended that it not be digested. Rev. 18:4
Micah 6:12 'For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth'

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