FCC Approves "Presidential Alert System", Dictator Role For 'President'

Follow up on: Operation Obama to Play 'Supreme Leader' with Nation's Schoolkids Tomorrow 9-8-09 "This is a feat never before attempted by a sitting president" [see post]
Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media System

Even the Washington Post describes it like something out of Orwell’s 1984. The FCC has approved a presidential alert system. Obama may soon appear on your television or call your cell phone to warn you about the next specious al-Qaeda underwear bombing event.

Commissioners voted last week to require television and radio stations, cable systems and satellite TV providers to participate in a test that would have them receive and transmit a live code that includes an alert message issued by the president. No date has been set for the test, according to the Post.

If implemented, the president will be able to commandeer your smart phone any time he wants and for any reason the government deems necessary.

Lisa Fowlkes, deputy chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC, told FederalNewsRadio on Monday that the FCC is looking at how wireless broadband could also enhance the EAS as part of a recommendation that was in the FCC’s National Broadband Plan from last year. The idea is to hijack broadband and the internet for emergency alerting propaganda with the “Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) being developed by FEMA and the wireless industry,” according to Fowlkes.

The system would break into your computer or wireless device and broadcast presidential propaganda announcements, FEMA reports, so-called “Imminent Threat Alerts,” and AMBER Alerts.

CMAS is slated to begin deployment in April 2012.
re: 'FCC....require...to transmit'

Finalizing the planned authoritarian control over this country, which means complete submission of the people to the kabbalist-Zionist NWO agenda, can of course never be accomplished without a "supreme leader" i.e. a dictator who would be 'large and in charge'.

Well, fear not, the Big Brother strategists over at the FCC have just made clear the way to create the very thing with another first ever - the 'presidential alert system'. Never before seen in America, the dictator-creators of the novus ordo seclorum have readied a system whereby television, radio, cable, and satellite will all be commandeered and used to push the NWO 'dictator agenda' on the public at large, apparently with their man Obama in the starring role...popping up at any given time on every possible type of electronic device...singing the 'obey your leader' theme song. No date yet for the first test 'alert'.

Be alerted...Big Brother is on call waiting.

update: 11-9-11 test date announced
Dan 3:18 '...be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up'

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