NWO "Unrest" Bringing Unprecedented Global Chaos/Collapse, As Designed

Yemeni protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh enter 11th day
SANA'A // Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered yesterday in front of the Sana'a University gate for 11th consecutive day, demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh step down. The protesters, mostly students and civic activists, ...
Bahrain protesters flood into capital
Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in Manama's Pearl Square, defying government bans on demonstrations to stage rallies across the Middle East like those held in Egypt, Libya and Iran.
Protests spread to Libyan capital, troops defect
There are reports this morning that protests have broken out in the Libyan capital Tripoli for the first time, amid signs leader Moamar Gaddafi's four-decade grip on power could be weakening. The BBC is reporting at least four separate demonstrations ...
Hundreds of thousands protest in Iran cities despite heavy crackdown
In the afternoon near Valiasr Square there were chants of "Down with dictator in Cairo, in Tehran" and "Seyed Ali will be overthrown", referring to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

China cracks down on protest threats, rounds up dissidents
BEIJING-Chinese officials on Sunday cracked down against protests, or rumors of them, sending police to detain dissidents and breakup public gatherings in the capital and Shanghai.
Regional Unrest Spreads to Morocco
The wave of protest sweeping the Middle East and North Africa has reached the Moroccan capital, Rabat, where thousands have gathered to demand political reform. Shouting "The people want change", they called on King Mohammed to give up some of his powers.
and now America: Wisconsin Labor Unrest Could Go National
The battle in Madison has become the epicenter of a national fight between newly empowered small-government conservatives and Democrats backed by government worker unions.
These events are an update on this post from three weeks ago: Destabilization: Full-Scale Collapse Of Old-World-Order Has Begun; 'Shiva' Dances 1-30-11 [(Obama) Shiva - Hindu god of destruction - TIME magazine 11-22-10] "Destabilizing the globe through induced 'civil unrest'. Unstable things are easily toppled. Therein is the method to the madness. Europe has been ongoing for a few months, the program has now been jump-started in North Africa and the Middle East. America slated for the same...There can never be a new-world-order until the old-world-order has been destroyed. It is just that simple. Collapsing governments and taking them over, one by one..." [see post]
NWO induced civil unrest across the globe. From Tunisia to Egypt to Algeria, to Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Morocco, Iran, and now China. It is not even remotely conceivable that these astounding events could arise spontaneously all at virtually the same moment in history. Zero chance. With that, it is incredible to behold though, and it is also incredible to comprehend the tremendous coordination that has been achieved on such a massive scale as would be required to bring about this full-scale collapse of the old-world-order that we are in fact witnessing.
Nevertheless, they did coordinate and we are comprehending, and the world is forever changing before our eyes - and not for the better.
That same coordination evident in the choreographed destabilization of the entire Middle East and North Africa has now also been turned upon the United States of America. It too must be 'toppled'. It is simple deduction. There can be be neither sovereign nations nor 'united states' in the coming kabalist-controlled NWO. All the globe must be reconfigured into the communitarian model for totalitarian global micro-management by the 666 Big Brother antichrist-ers, aka Zionists. That is biblical...believe it or not.
So-called "austerity" plans (as in Europe) now popping up in the various states because of so-called financial crises as a means to instigate 'protest movements' in the USA is one of the strategies being used to jumpstart the final destabilization/collapse and permanent transition of America into the global-regional system. It is only part of the plan though. The current threatened U.S. government shutdown (whether immediate or future) because of 'fighting' over federal "austerity" spending cuts, the long-promised birth certificate constitutional crisis [here], and a Manhattan Declaration 'morality-revolution' by the apostate Christian dominionist movement are examples of other options and may all still be used to stir things up to a fever pitch.
Full scale collapse - it's on like nothing ever seen people of earth. The hour is late, be aware. But fully realize that 'revolution' will never stop the NWO. It will only facilitate it. It will be food for the "fourth beast...which...shall devour the whole earth"*.
The NWO will not be stopped by anything or anybody until the battle of Armageddon. [Rev. 16:16; 19:11,19 - hover]
*What comes next? see: 10 kings shall arise

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Bible Believer said...

I posted on this matter too, looks like they are bringing the usual "order out of chaos", where globalist solutions will be presented to fix "global unrest".

tom m. said...

exactly right...it's antichrist global dictatorship or bust...

good thing we can believe the Word of God and understand that the absolutely ungodly globalist agenda is in fact going to be an absolute 'bust' (as shown throughout scripture)

in the meantime Phil 3:20

"...our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ"