Calvary Chapel Alert: Chuck Smith Counsels Abortion, Changes Story

Pastor Chuck Smith Stuns Radio Listeners by Encouraging Woman to Abort
Operation Rescue urges Calvary Chapel's Pastor Smith to retract his advice and apologize to his listeners
[excerpted; recommend read full article at title link; radio clip below]
Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, shocked listeners on Tuesday on his "Pastor's Perspective" call-in radio program when he encouraged a tearful mother to abort conjoined twins.
The caller, who identified herself as "Nicki from Riverside", indicated that her babies share a body but have two heads and that she was being pressured by her doctors to abort them due to their assessment that the babies would likely not survive the pregnancy or live beyond a day if carried to term. At no time did Nicki indicate how far advanced her pregnancy was or that her life was in danger from the pregnancy.
"It's awfully hard to actually suggest abortion," said Smith. "But, you know, I'm sure that, uh, in a case like this where the life expectancy is just, you know, is so bleak, and all, that I'm sure that the Lord would not condemn her if she went ahead and had an abortion at this early stage of the development of the fetus."
Smith then went on to misuse the Biblical story found in John, Chapter 8, of the woman caught in the act of adultery and taken to Jesus for judgment. Jesus told the crowd who sought to condemn her, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." After the crowd disbanded in shame, Jesus told the woman, "Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more."
Smith and Stewart attempted to "clarify" their advice to Nicki the following day on the Pastor's Perspective broadcast, but in doing so only made a bad situation worse.
"I do not believe in abortion as it is being practiced today. However, there can be extenuating circumstances," Smith continued.
Smith and his co-host then go on to completely mischaracterize the conversation with Nicki the previous day.
We hate to use the word "lie" but there is no other term for what the two pastors said next.
"As the lady said yesterday, the doctors were saying that her life was in jeopardy and carrying the babies, er, uh, baby that is in her womb with two heads, that the baby would not be able to survive more than five minutes after the birth, and that her life was jeopardized by it and she has a little two-year old daughter and I would say in a situation like that with these extenuating circumstances, that God would be gracious and forgiving. But that isn't endorsing abortion at all...I'm totally opposed to abortion for just any reason, but I believe in being reasonable."
As far as his version of Nicki's story, the audio recording proves that she never said her life was in jeopardy or that the babies could not survive more than five minutes after birth. She repeatedly referred to her babies in the plural sense.
Perhaps Smith and Stewart have forgotten that God is the Giver of Life, that He alone numbers our days. The two men completely discount any thought that these babies might be given to Nicki and her husband to bring glory to Himself.
Take the example of Abigail and Brittney Hensel, conjoined twins that have been the subject of a special on TLC. Abigail and Brittney share one body. A YouTube video clip shows them celebrating their 16th birthday, each getting a driver's license, and discussing the possibility of one day being mothers [below].
The girls [much younger] are shown on another video clip answering questions about their condition. “How did you get this way?” one of the girls read off a list. “God made us this way,” answered the other: here]

fyi. It should also be noted that Chuck Smith and other Calvary Chapel pastors have been appearing on and openly endorsing the utterly apostate TBN circus over the last few years. And the Calvary Chapel problems do not stop there; for just a few examples see all: Calvary Chapel
Rev. 18:4


debi godoy said...

This was very alarming as the counsel she sought was not from God. She should have been prayed over for wisdom and counsel given privately after much prayer and understanding of all the circumstances with the pregnancy. God's wisdom and discernment were not considered here.I pray she sought further coun sel and a Christian medical team!!

tom m. said...

nice to hear from you Debi...

and you speak correctly...the counsel she received was definitely not from God.