U.S. Military Will Hold 'Homosexual School' On Battlefield: Army Sgt. Says 'Get Out' If You Don't like It

Update on: U.S. Military Homosexual 'Training' Begins 1-28-11 "Religious belief? Check it at the door soldier...you're in the (homosexual) army now...[see post]
Combat troops to get gay sensitivity training
New policy OK’d for battlefield
American combat troops will get sensitivity training directly on the battlefield about the military’s new policy on gays instead of waiting until they return to home base in the United States, the senior enlisted man in Afghanistan said Thursday.
Army Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, the top enlisted man in Afghanistan where 100,000 U.S. troops are deployed, said that the sessions on respecting gays’ rights will go right down to the forward operating bases, where troops fight Taliban militants.
No unit is exempted, he said.
“Our goal is to not allow a unit to return to home station and have the unit responsible for that,” he said. “While we own those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, we’re going to execute that training on the ground. We hope that it will have little impact on their combat and security operations here.”
“If there are people who cannot deal with the change, then they’re going to have to do what’s best for their troops and best for the organization and best for the military service and exit the military service, so that we can move forward - if that’s the way that we have to go,” Sgt. Hill said on the television show, “Washington Watch” in December.
re: "cannot deal with the change...exit the military"
The "exit" statement by Army Command Sgt. Marvin Hill is the setting of an incredible and extremely problematic precedent. A major sector of society is now to be subjected to forced "training" with an implied threat of expulsion to any who would hold and/or vocalize a contrary viewpoint.
This military-wide precedent smashes open the door to all the rest of society for the homosexual agenda to barge through and stomp all over every last vestige of righteousness and truth that they can find, blowing their 'hate speech' trumpet at any who might dare oppose.

Christian, do you have the wherewithal to resist this end-of-the-age enveloping evil of this lost world? Ready to become a target if you will not bow to the powerful men of Sodom as they force their ungodliness into every area of society?
If not go and get some wherewithal real fast like because the handwriting is on the wall and if you are not ready to be forced out of Sodom-land 2011 you might just find yourself bowing down to the gay-idolatry god of this world! Rev. 18:4
compare: Sodom, Ca, and the Nation..God Gave Them Up "God...gave them up...and the startling truth is that it's over at that point, nothing more to do to but judge the whole scene! That's called "wrath". " [see post]
Isa 3:9 'The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul!

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