2-22-11 Christchurch Quake Update: NWO Says A Mysterious New Fault Line Is At Fault

New Zealand earthquake caused by new fault line

The devastating earthquake that tore through Christchurch on Tuesday is the product of a new fault line in the Earth’s crust that seismologists were previously unaware of.
...seismologists believe that a brand new fault, one which might have lain dormant for thousands of years, has sprung back into life with devastating consequences.
“It’s not a new fault in the sense that it has only just been created but it is a new fault that has only just been discovered,” Dr Roger Musson, head of seismic hazards and archives at the British Geological Society, told The Independent.
Since the first quake in September, which was stronger than Tuesday’s but did less damage, geologists have been desperately trying to map the new fault which is thought to branch out from the main line running up the west coast of the South Island and run under the plain on which Christchurch has been built.
Cities like Christchurch, which are only known to lie on a fault once an earthquake occurs, are much harder to protect against.
“This particular fault has probably been still or inactive for the past 10,000 years and we may find that after this burst of activity it will return to an inactive state for another 10,000 years, 2 [sic] explains Dr Musson.
Official NWO explanation for the devastating Christchurch quakes: Oh imagine that...as it turns out there actually is a fault line causing these unexplainable NZ quakes and it just happens to run RIGHT under Christchurch...funny how we never knew anything about it before...and with it laying there for 10,000 years or so like that and now suddenly springing "back into life". Oh, and did we tell you about how it might even go away again all by itself too...

Is that even in the slightest degree believable? or could there be more to the story. Follow the Christchurch timeline:

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Jer. 51:25 Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain [kingdom], saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain'


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How did they all miss it?

Sure it's new alright, [no I really do not believe them]


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re: missed it ('new' fault)

Not believable is it?