NBA All-Star Game Follows NFL In DHS 'See Something, Say Something' Public Brainwash Campaign

This post is a follow up on: DHS And NFL To Launch "See Something, Say Something" Partnership At Super bowl 2-5-11 "Two months ago WalGovmart became the first globalist-corporate sponsor for the SSSS Big Brother indoctrination program designed to convince John Q. that 'terrorists', rather than the cabalist-globalists, are the real cause for the USA being converted into an iron-fisted police state...[and now]...the "DHS/NFL partnership"...Unfortunately this IS only the beginning. A nationwide indoctrination-inundation is now underway" [see post]
NBA, Homeland Security Department Push Public Awareness at All-Star Game
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Basketball Association are promoting a security-awareness campaign at this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles.
Homeland Security has a $2.9 million budget to promote the national campaign. Private businesses including the NBA and the National Football League, which promoted the event at this month’s Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas, are spending additional amounts promoting awareness.
“Security is a shared responsibility, underscoring the importance of identifying and reporting suspicious activity,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern, who joined Napolitano at the press conference. “We think sports is a terrific way to send messages and to get people when they go to events to focus on this very important message.”
At the All-Star Game at Staples Center on Feb. 20, fans will see messages on posters, television monitors and ribbon boards around the arena.
re: 'fans will see messages'

Absolutely pathetic. Using "sports...to send messages" i.e. to spread NWO propaganda.

Propaganda that would have John Q. Public believe that boogiemen aka 'terrorists' are now in 2011 in this country lurking around every corner acting suspiciously, and that they are gonna git-cha. All intended of course to subliminally prepare people for 'terrorist type things' which we are already being told on an ever increasing basis to expect, which things if/when they in fact do occur, as we are being told, will of course serve nicely to further the globalist agenda to police state the USA for purposes of assimilation into the magical global-kingdom of Zionist darkness now visible on the horizon.

Obviously the NFL and the NBA have now been reduced to being nothing more than Big Brother marketing tools. It is a sad day in Mudville. Take note...Big Brother's antics are going to get worse...much worse.

Time to get saved unbelievers and unregenerate professing believers, which by the way are the same thing actually. Rev. 21:8; Rom. 10:8,9
compare: NWO Using World Series To Green-Indoctrinate World 10-26-10
Pss 31:24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.

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