Awana being 'shifted'?

Connect the Dots

There are wide and sweeping changes coming through the Christian Church these days. It is not difficult to discover but it does take some effort to 'connect the dots'. Parents, if you or your children are involved with Awana the time has come for you to make that effort! Hopefully this can be a start.

First, here is a must read for any who either have children in the Awana program, or are themselves part of it. From Lighthouse Trails Research: awana contemplative?

Here also are two short articles highlighting some important things to understand concerning the language, i.e. 'words', which are being used in moving the church into the now out-in-the-open global system which is being implemented before our eyes, and yet so few can see: 'spiritual' church; 'spiritual' world

You will need to know what is being said when certain words are used. These 'certain' words are one of the ways of finding 'dots' that connect. When you have connected enough dots then the picture will begin to 'emerge'.

Now, here are a few 'dots' from Awana's website that would seem to connect them with the now out-in-the-open global movement that is also absorbing the church:
Dot 1: Rethink
At Awana, we believe it’s time to rethink ministry and discipleship for kids:
from awana home

Rethinking ministry? This is a large 'dot': rethink
Dot 2: Awana becoming a 'global brand' name!
Brand-New Day at Awana
New branding signifies our commitment to help churches and parents raise children and youth that know, love and serve Christ for life.

When you see “McDonald’s®,” you likely think of fast food and children. When you hear the name “Nike®,” you probably think of sneakers. When you read “Awana®,” what brand image or message comes to mind?
In the simplest terms, a brand is the face of Awana to the world. (see:awana brand)

McDonald's, Nike, and Awana? Global businesses producing products?
Dot 3: Revolutionary new book!
An Intentional Plan for Our Children’s Spiritual Growth
As part of Project Joseph, Awana is developing a revolutionary new book that will give parents and church leaders a life map to raising our kids to know, love and serve Christ.

Exactly what type of "revolution" do they have in mind? And a new book? Is the Holy Bible, the very Word of God, no longer sufficient? Not revolutionary enough anymore for a "life map" or "spiritual growth"?
Dot 4: Supporting the Essential Parent-Church Partnership

Raising kids who know, love and serve Christ isn’t just a parent’s job or the church’s responsibility. It requires a partnership between parents and the local church. HomeBase™, our family ministry, joins churches and homes together to follow God’s model for raising kids.
Home and Family
Churches and parents working together is God’s model for raising kids spiritually. Connect parents to your Awana program while helping them become the primary spiritual influencers of their children. awana/about (see links: 'spiritual' church/world)
According to this new "theory", a partnership is now required to raise your children. This partnership, we are told, is to be between the parents and the church, under the direction and facilitation of Awana. This of course would be the Awana with the globally recognized brand, the brand "that you can trust"....right? With a trusted brand you know that the product will be good. In this case the product, as seen in the above statement, will be an effective partnership for "raising kids spiritually", and parents trained as the " the primary spiritual influencers of their children". (spiritual? see: 'spiritual' church; 'spiritual' world)

Parents, you are no longer capable of raising your children on your own, according to Awana.

Rethinking, global brand, partnerships, raising kids "spiritually", with parents the designated "spiritual influencers"? These are some of the "buzzwords" being employed to create the perception of positive change. Changing old and established institutions is not an overnight process. It is done in phases; shifting. When the buzzwords show up you can be certain that a new phase in the transition has begun. Awana, you are being 'shifted'.

But, what about the kingdom?
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (2 Thes 2:3)


Hinds' Feet said...

a "life map"....is that the same as canned fruit?....opposite of walking by faith, being led by the Spirit.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the book, so this is speculation, but it would seem that this revolutionary new book, the so-called "life map", would probably contain some sort of methodology that will be used to conform the children/youth/parents/families, under Awana's leadership of course, into the new spiritual-global-system that is rising up like a modern day Tower of Babel.

The only spirit leading this global unification is the "spirit of the age".