Exactly whose Kingdom is being built?

from: Wall Street Journal (1/11/08)

article: Faith Without Borders

"The spread of new ideas, images and cultural artifacts by modern information technology, even to peoples once isolated from the main currents of human thought, is having a powerful cultural impact. It has the potential of opening minds to a broader tolerance of differing religious beliefs."


"He argues that Christianity is particularly adaptable as the basic component of a public philosophy that would serve the world-wide civil society that is coming into being, in part because of Christianity's tolerance for individual belief. Public theology, he believes, must embrace classical norms but also be able to "encounter secular, philosophical and non-Christian" beliefs and explain its theological claims in a language that can be universally understood. It must show that it can "form, inform and sustain the moral and spiritual architecture of a civil society so that truth, justice and mercy are more nearly approximated in the souls of the persons and the institutions of the common life."
As stated in the "Religion of Babylon?" post (here), the called-for "adaptation" (above) of Christianity is being manipulated in a "step by step" fashion. Sometimes it will be two steps forward.....one step back, but the building project is always forwarded. Just have an "open mind" (above) and give a little ground, everything will be just fine, don't even give it another thought. As the two selected quotes above show, this so-called adaptation of Christianity is here presented as something positive, that will serve the coming "world-wide civil society", yet to do this, as stated it must incorporate a "broader tolerance of differing religious beliefs" (above), thereby becoming nothing more than a "public philosopy" (above). In the meantime, you can still embrace the "classical norms" (above), for now......

Question: Just exactly whose world-wide civil society will this adaptable, broadened, public philosophy serve? There is a Kingdom coming, oh yes.

Cannot you see that tower rising, the one in Babylon...it's very tall!

read full article: Towers Inc.

"And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men built."
(Gen. 11:5)

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