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No Delays As New Border ID Rules Begin: New rules

HIGHGATE, Vt. (AP) - Motorists passed easily through border checkpoints Thursday as tougher identification standards for U.S. and Canadian citizens went into effect without the backups and confusion some travelers had feared.

"It was relatively smooth. No complaints,'' he said.

Your papers please! Welcome to the future. This is only the beginning. Is anybody paying attention?
Internet failure hits two continents: no internet

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -- High-technology services across large tracts of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa were crippled Thursday following a widespread Internet failure which brought many businesses to a standstill and left others struggling to cope.
Besides the Internet, the outage caused major disruption to television and phone services, creating chaos for the UAE's public and private sectors.
The Du internal memo called the situation in Dubai "critical" and stated that the cable's operators did not know when services would be restored.
The outage led to a rapid collapse of a wide range of public services in a country which proudly promotes itself as technological pioneer.
A lot of things can change overnight.


Hinds' Feet said...

:^/// Do you think that this chaos will lead to a new order? What's the term?....order ab chao?

Anonymous said...

ordo ab chao=order out of chaos...
meaning: after destroying the old, the new can then be implemented.

What is happening here can only be guessed at. It may be a dry run, seeing what happens when everything comes to a screeching halt on a massive scale....a power play of some sort, to create new international channels of authority for 'crisis' management, perhaps.

One certainty is that the internet is the only way people can find out what is really happening. So when it goes down, or for any questionable event, the question to be asked is this..(more latin)cui bono? Who benefits?

Most likely every event is accomplishing something toward the goal, the 'new order'.