Global Water Management

update: global control
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Davos (Switzerland) 24 January 2008

Address as prepared for delivery to the Davos World Economic Forum: UN News Center

'....the notion of water sustainability in a broad sense has not been seriously examined."

"This is key to the UN Millennium Development Goals"

We need to start now to better manage this scarce resource. That is why we will gather world leaders at the United Nations this September for a critical high-level meeting on the MDGs

"Governments must engage -- and lead. But we also need private enterprise."

"Innovative -- and global -- approaches can make a great difference."

"Last July, a small group of top international executives came together to launch the United Nations Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate..."

"That’s why it feels good to be here with like-minded people working for the global public good."
A few quotes selected from the prepared address, concerning global water management.The UN has "key" plans and goals already developed. 'Water' is now a "scarce resource" and needs global oversight to assure proper management. This is to assure "sustainability". Governments must be involved as well as private enterprise. This will require "partnerships", and this 'unity' should guarantee "innovative global approaches". Pehaps a 'global' board of water for a global society? If some would like not to participate, don't worry, it will be mandated. It's for the "global public good".
To connect the dots.....learn the terms. He who controls the water, controls all life on the globe.

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