Make Believe? MH17 And 2009 Movie "Knowing", Other 'Crash' Oddities; 'Relatives' Say "No Doubt About It...It's One Bad Movie"

Follow up on: MH17 777 Script, 'Four Blood Moons' Hoax, And Setting Up Fake Gog-Magog WWIII Starring Russia 7-22-14 "It's very simple. The plan does not work without (Zionist controlled since Bolshevik Revolution circa 1917) Russia as the 'global threat'. In the novus ordo seclorum global takeover playbook, make believe is the easiest and most efficient means of advancing the cause [link].
Another event and as usual, surrounded by anomalies. And no longer even surprising really, but very often seemingly foreshadowed by Hollywood. The recent purported MH17 Boeing 777 "33,000 ft. shoot down" is apparently not an exception to the 'trend'. With little in the way of added comment other than to explain, a few things collected here and there (with sources linked) relating to this latest 'incident'. First is a movie poster from the 2009 movie 'Knowing":

The photo(s) on the right was apparently a widely distributed photo of the 'crash site'. When flipped, as seen, there is a striking similarity to the movie poster. The location of the fire, the slope of the ground, etc.. Just reversing the photo achieves the effect [photo source]. There is more to the reversal-thing with the movie and the MH17 though. According to one source, the plot of the movie utilized dates. One of the main scenes in the movie was the plane crash, as pictured, but being a disaster movie, it was not the only destruction. In the movie, the plane crash was on the "15th", and then there was a subway crash on the "17th". Most everybody is aware of the date of the MH17 'plane crash' being the 17th (July), but not everybody is aware that there was a reported subway crash in Moscow, Russia on the "15th" (July), said to have killed 22 and injured 136 [news report]. This is now reverse subway and plane crashes as to the dates of the 'current events' and the corresponding 'disasters' in the movie. Reverse photo, reverse events, we have a match [info source]. One more thing perhaps worth noting having to do with the plot of the movie and MH17: "Knowing's plot features a time capsule that is put into its container in 1959...1959 was the year of the first human HIV death, which occurred in the Congo. Media is reporting that many HIV/AIDS researchers died on MH17, on the way to a conference" [source]. Is what it is

Another interesting little factoid is that after numerous questions were being raised from numerous sources with regard to the purported crash site just not looking quite right for numerous reasons, the UK government came up with this little disclaimer: BBC says parts of other planes in MH17 debris: [7-23-14] "UK government sources say intelligence shows rebels deliberately tampered with evidence, moving bodies and placing parts from other planes in the debris."

This video titled: "MH17 Malaysian Airline Crash Hoax - Crisis Actor "Parents" Interviewed by CNN at Airport" is also worth a look. The title is the publishers. As for the "crisis actors" designation, it has to be a significant thing to consider that this term for the most part has become completely normalized in this our day and age. Not too long ago no one had ever heard of such a thing. How is that? Each will have to decide that for them self. The reason for posting the video is a couple of spurious statements starting at 1:35 by the couple being interviewed. The man is rambling and then ends saying "there's no doubt about it". Right after that the woman says "It's one bad movie". Not "it's like" a bad movie, but "it is" one. Really? No doubt about it, it's one bad movie? Are they telling what they're "Knowing"? This sort of thing seems to be another common denominator of current chaos-events also [see link below video*]. It's seems like the Kabbalist-Kode where if you tell people right up front that you did something, and nobody gets it, you are in the clear. You told them, they didn't get it, too bad for them. Hidden in plain sight is what they call it:

*Compare: 11-5-13 LAX 'TSA Shooting': 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?" [also: here]

Last thing, and it needs no explanation: Screenshot from above video @ 1:45. A signature eye-of-horus shot from CNN, perfectly framed. Just by accident, right?

At any rate, like it said at the top, these are just a few oddities about the latest 'world changing' event, fyi.

MH17? Make believe [link]? Come to your own conclusions.
 Rev. 18:4
Ephesians 6:12 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.'


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Illuminati Predicitive Programming Movie ''Knowing" BP Oil Spill

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re: "Knowing" BP Oil Spill

Here's the video. 2009 movie, 2010 BP 'oil spill'


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