'Dunkirk' Trailers Cryptic Messages II: 'You Are Dunkirk, Survival Is The Best You Can Hope For' - Pamphlets From The Sky

Follow up on: Cryptic-Message Movie Trailers: 'Dunkirk' (7-21-17) - We Surround You, Time Running Out 6-6-17 "Dunkirk... [400,000] Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German Army on the beaches of Dunkirk and evacuated in Operation Dynamo between 26 May and 4 June 1940, during the early stages of the Second World War." source: wiki

"Soldiers on the beach awaiting rescue is the story (WWII)...[facing certain destruction otherwise] ...Although what gets flashed across the screen in these TV commercials and/or movie trailers does of course have some relation to the movie or TV show being promoted, the way it is done and the imagery used has it's own purpose. The images are fleeting, flashing quickly across the screen, and, across the mind of the viewer. Most of those viewers take no conscience awareness whatsoever of what is being impressed upon their minds. The brain registers it no doubt though - which of course is why they call it subliminal. Messaging the cabal, and at the same time programming the 'masses' who all the while remain oblivious, is the purpose. This TV trailer/commercial from zio-Hollywood's new movie 'Dunkirk' gives a perfect example of that very thing..." [see post]

This is a follow up on the above. This upcoming movie 'Dunkirk' [coming out 7-21-17] is being heavily promoted - and these promotions seem to be loaded with cryptic messages. Cryptic of course means 'encrypted' or hidden. As here, while what is being said outwardly of course is made to apply to the movie, at the same time with this type of thing what is being said can easily be taken as having more 'cryptic' meanings also. Note in the above photo, the top image is a soldier reading a pamphlet. In this particular scene in the movie the enemy army was dropping these pamphlets from the sky to 'send a message'. The pamphlet said "WE SURROUND YOU" [see post (video now blocked)]. Here is the interesting thing: Seems that this very thing is being done with many of the 'Dunkirk' commercials/movie trailers. Dropping messages from the sky? Here are two more examples:

First Youtube clip above, on the left, is a very recent TV commercial. It was dropping this little pamphlet seen directly below. It is being dropped into the homes, and minds, of millions, being for one, shown at the most crucial moments [game-outcome wise that is] of the 2017 NBA finals:

"Survival" is the best that should be hoped for? Is that the message of this 'pamphlet' being 'dropped' upon the people of planet earth? Is something coming ... that is ... and time is running out [see photo @ top from 'follow up'] and just surviving is the best that should be expected? Well, how about this next 'pamphlet' - taken from the above Youtube 15-second quickie-trailer on the right:

U R DUNKIRK? How clear is that? Talk about subliminal though. Only 15 seconds long, and as seen when viewing, the clip flashes so many images per second across the screen it is impossible to detect what is being put into the mind. But by simply doing a random click-stop click-stop...lo and behold, look what appeared [in this exact sequence].

Takeaway: The whole NWO thing, the whole agenda [i.e. this one: link] - it's all long-planned, it's all according to a schedule, and they really are 'getting ready to go for it'. They are 'dropping' the pamphlets out-of-the-sky saying exactly this. Just noting it. Be aware, the pamphlets are all over the ground.

Rev. 18:4
Reality of the matter, according to the Word of God: The 'ZNWO' will itself one day see "sudden destruction...and they shall not escape": 'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them' - 1Thes. 5:3

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