Ordo Ab Chao: GOP-Baseball 'Shooting', UPS 'Shooting', Eric Holder Gun-Brainwash "Be Repetitve"- And 'Gabby' Giffords; 6-14-17

Repetitive: pertaining to or characterized by repetition

6-14-17 two events: GOP Baseball Game Alexandria, Virginia; UPS Warehouse San Francisco; two alleged shootings, two alleged perpetrators 'deceased'

Below was originally posted 6-6-14 after a two-week barrage of gun-psyop events starting with Santa Barbara*, then heading off to Brussels and Canada and winding up in Seattle. Other significant instances of repetitious 'shooting' events prior to those were also at that time noted. On those note the first in that list - Tucson. Tucson may have actually been the inaugural-event for the gun-psyop agenda now underway in the USA, and world for that matter. Something in common with today's alleged Alexandria, Virginia baseball-game 'shooting' is that it also involved a member of the U.S. Congress. In that instance the American people were told that a U.S. congress-woman was shot point blank through the brain and essentially walked away miraculously unaffected except for one thing - a speech impairment. Now is this not a remarkable thing - the woman who supposedly had to relearn how to speak - just happened to be named 'Gabby'. Ever notice that? The name-game is one of their favorite things. Everything scripted, and the script is endlessly repetitive. The agenda will never happen by itself - no, the 'new ordo' will only come in by way of continually orchestrated 'chao':


[6-6-14]  Santa Barbara (and two other 'beach towns'; see below**), Brussels, now Canada and Seattle...all in about a two week span? - the global cabal really really wants those guns don't they. Where Next?
"We just have to be repetitive about this"

Eric Holder 1995:

:25 "...a part of everyday some kind of anti-violence anti-gun message...everyday every school at every level"

:34 "...one thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well is that we just have to be repetitive about this"

:45 "...we need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way"


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*Compare: 'Santa Barbara' An As-Above-So-Below Antichrist Ritual? Exactly 666 Days After 2012 Olympics Opening; & Aurora 5-30-14
Repetition? Below, just a few of the most notable incidents of last few years. Similar scenarios all: fleeting images of a few ambulances, stretchers, caution tape, etc., some sound bites of "law enforcement", couple of brief "witness" interviews; alleged gunman in virtually every case does not 'survive' the incident - wraps up in a hurry that way; which may or may not involve the 'manhunt - lockdown - shelter in place' scenario; etc, etc., and then as suddenly as it came it goes - nothing to see here, move along move along, and on to the next 'chaos'...one after another after another:

Tucson [1-8-11]
Aurora [7-20-12]
Sikh Temple [8-5-12]
Sandy [12-14-12]
Dorner [2-8-13]
LAX [11-1-14]
* Santa Barbara [5-23-14]
** 3 Coasts In 3 Days? [5-26-14]

"...brainwash people"...by the means of repetition. While there is no way to stop the repetition-psyop-events, this is very clear at this stage of the game, being brainwashed is optional. Be not.  Rev. 18:4

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