'Privatizing' Air Traffic Control: ZWO Trump-Card Plan To Convert USA To Private-Ownership Begins -- 'Chao' Dealing

Trump Announces Plan To Privatize Air Traffic Control

"...Trump announced Monday a plan to privatize the nation's air traffic control system — a move that would remove the job of tracking and guiding airplanes from the purview of the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Today we're proposing to take American air travel into the future, finally," Trump said.

Privatization of air traffic control is an idea long supported by most of the commercial airlines. Executives from those companies joined the president at the White House to announce the plan.

But some groups have been critical of efforts to privatize air traffic control operations, saying it gives the airlines too much control over the system for their own benefit.

The group Flyers' Rights calls it the "creation of an airline controlled corporate monopoly." It also says privatizing air traffic control amounts to "handing the airlines (for free) control over a core public asset, and providing them nearly unbridled power to extract new fees and increased taxes from passengers."

The Senate Transportation Committee will discuss the proposal on Wednesday, with Trump's Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao* testifying. Chao will again address the issue before the House Transportation Committee on Thursday.

This plan is part of Trump's broader infrastructure vision... Trump will be in Cincinnati on Wednesday to continue talking about infrastructure, focusing on inland waterways on the Ohio River including aging dams.

re: "Core public asset"...given into private hands is..."into the future...Trump said"

"Into the future"? What exactly is meant by that Trump-statement is nothing good for the American public. At all. As in, to use Trump lingo ...bad, very bad. This subject of privatization was the topic of a number of previous posts - as well the choice of Elaine 'Chao' for 'Trans'-portation secretary - three of which are linked below. Privatization can have only one purpose which very simply is ownership. Complete and total ownership of everything to be precise...including persons. This is as big as it gets, and as far reaching as it gets with regard to changes it would bring concerning fundamental freedoms of life-as-you-know-it, and it is officially now starting at the hands of 777-Trump-Card...via 'Chao' [i.e. chaos - see third link down].

Privatizing The World: Trump Son-In-Law Kushner To Join 'Team-Billionaire' White House 1-9-17 "Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth...Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization... Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide... [and] Privatization... [meaning] ...they, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon - own everything [link]' -- Globalization known otherwise as Agenda 21 is designed to be built upon what the would-be Overlords of Humanity call "public-private partnerships". Public meaning basically government entities, private meaning essentially corporate interests. "Partnerships" meaning basically the merging of the two. The catch is in the merging part. By design, the merge blends the two separate societal-sectors, if you will, into a single 'beast'. The power in the 'partnership' then goes always to the biggest 'partner'. The biggest-partner always is the one bringing the big money...which of course are the corporatists. Public-private partnerships are created for this purpose only. No other reason for them to exist. Public-private partnerships are how the governments of the nations are being absorbed i.e. essentially 'privatized' by the scheming would-be global-empire builders... In other words, the United States of America is now officially a PPP - Public-Private Partnership..." [see post]

Trump To Turn USA Into A 'Public-Private-Partnership' - Cabinet Pick 'Chao' Reveals To Senate; Ordo Ab Chao 1-12-17 "Trump campaigned on rebuilding America's infrastructure - bridges roads etc.. Nothing was said on how this was to be funded. Now the reason for that is made clear. The plan is to "unleash" public-private-partnerships (aka Agenda 21). In other words, private money...to fund 'government' projects. "We all know that the government doesn't have the resources" says Trans-portation secretary to-be Chao...so what oh what can we do? Oh oh oh...such a dilemma...well...why don't we just bring in private investors - yes yes that's it...hand it all over to 'private investors'. Private money comes with a cost though - that cost is ownership. How does a federal or a state highway, for instance, become a privately-owned highway or road or bridge? That's right - through "public-private partnership". -- Essentially transferring the ownership of the infrastructure of America into private hands - it "must" happen says picked-by-'name' Trump teammate 'Chao'. Which has been exactly the plan all along...Privatizing the USA is the Trump-card on America...These are end-game moves in the quest to create the totalitarian zio-kingdom-come...Be aware USA-ers one-world-government 'privatizing' roads highways bridges, water after that, about to commence where you live...[see post]

*Ordo-Ab-Chao President? Trump Picks 'Chao' For Secretary Of Trans-portation 11-29-16 ['Chao' picked for Trump cabinet - like 'ordo ab chao'? - does not get more obvious]
Definitely need to be aware of what 'privatizing' is really about - the what and why. Namely nothing less than totalitarian dictatorship. That is the absolute reality of it. For instance, in this case, if every aspect of air travel is privately owned, no public assets any longer involved, the public then suddenly has no inherent rights to 'air travel'. None. It's all privately owned. Whether or not anybody can ride their private system, well that's up to the private owners now. It's "the future" says Trump-card...and is starting here now. All the way to the 666 no doubt. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4
Authorized for travel?

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