PepsiCo 'Testing' Bugs And Pond Scum As 'Protein Sources' For Food Products - For The 'Goyim Cattle'

PepsiCo experimenting with WORMS as a protein source for everything from drinks to snacks

The PepsiCo food company, which also makes snacks such as Doritos and Cheetos, is looking for new protein sources for their snacks and drinks.

The firm posted a request for new and novel protein sources, and is looking for plant-based, fungi based or insect based protein sources.

The firm wrote that they're primary focus is finding a plant-based protein source, although mycoprotein (fungi based) and insect protein could be good options for consideration.

They mention sources they've done 'extensive work' with, including cricket powder, meal worm powder and duck weed - a plant that floats on freshwater [i.e. pond scum - AV]. Meal worm powder is made of meal worms ground into a finer powder, but they can also be baked or fried, and they're usually used as bird feed or fishing vair [sic - 'bait'].

They also want to avoid dairy, egg, meat and gelatin sourced proteins.

Insect-feed for the masses [and 'pond scum' - see above article] - the propaganda to push the agenda is now expanding far and wide. Know that it will become absolutely unrelenting, and to a certain degree already has - but it will get worse. The true reason for it has nothing to do with the reasons given. The reasons given for the bug-feed agenda is nothing but 'marketing'. Selling it as a positive. Videos like this one below for instance, professionally done, with nice little musical ditties, and ignorant 'sheeples' mindlessly accepting and saying things like 'well it's not bad really, you know...' -- Video is from Switzerland released one month ago where bug-feed for the 'sub-human-animals' i.e. cattle was just legalized at the end of last year 2016 [see linked post] and took effect 5-1-2017:

[insect burgers on the menu -- about "health...sustainability" - 1:35]

It Begins: Swiss Markets To Sell 'Bug-Feed' For Human Consumption After New Rule Change 12-19-16 "By the creation of 'sustainability' guidelines [Agenda21] - i.e. what is and what is not "sustainable", every facet of life on earth is to then be regulated. Every person, place, thing utterly controlled - within a global system... That's their grand scheme anyway... The 'global serfdom' is to be herded into "sustainable communities" worldwide, given solar and fed bugs. Bugs? Bugs, for one example, are cheap to produce - no pastures, no irrigation (water), no heavy equipment, etc. [see post: UN 2030 same as UN '95 plan] -- Mark the event. Switzerland re-regulating their federal food-guidelines to allow packaging and sale of 'bug-feed' for human consumption without question is the setting of a precedent that portends the same thing being done worldwide. Reason is because the very thing really truly is the 'globalist' plan for future 'world management'. The reality of this as fact is indisputable - and the Swiss are proof that the next phase of that plan has in fact begun. Insects-as-food for the masses of sheeple/minions/sub-human-goyim is hard-coded into Agenda21, UN2030, etc. .." [see post; links]

Much of the propaganda being pushed to sell the bug-agenda is based on claims that a relatively significant number of the world's populations already eat bugs as part of their normal diet. As to the numbers cited, how accurate they are who knows really, but the reality is that in those regions of the earth where insects are a food source, it is due to conditions of extreme poverty, and limited access to other alternatives. No Safeway supermarkets on the corner, with a Walmart down the block. Dirt poor in other words. And then there are other people-groups that may have some certain type of insect that is consumed which is viewed as a 'cultural delicacy', but, 'bugs' are definitely not a staple.

Note carefully about this 'bug-eating' agenda: Why would the agenda not be about, as it were, 'raising the dirt poor up' from poverty to no longer having to eat insects as a means of survival? Instead of that, which by rights it should be, the agenda is to lower the rest of the populations of the planet to the same status. Note again above article, last line: PepsiCo wants to "avoid" all real foods i.e. meat, dairy, eggs etc.. Real food is out, is what they are saying, and by that, that all 'commoners' everywhere are to be 'dirt poor' as it were eating bug-feed like so much cattle. Make no mistake there is one purpose only to this 'insect-for-food agenda' - and it is exactly as is stated in the quote from the linked-post on 'Swiss Markets' just above. There is absolutely nothing 'progressive' going on here, instead, what is going on here is wholly intended only to 'dehumanize' the 'masses'.

Do not swallow the bug-hype. Everything about it is a massive lie. Minions [link] happily eating cattle-feed, and proud of themselves for it - progressive carbon-conscious androgynite-warriors saving the planet*, is the plan.

Know what and why, and be very sure of this, they intend to 'bug' you till you become one of those. Do not ever become one of those!
Rev. 18:4
*Rev. 13:16-17 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name'  - see: branded

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