White House Issues Friday-The-13th 'Dictate' To Force "Gender-Identity" Ordo-Ab-Chao On All Schools Nationwide

Obama administration releases directive on transgender rights to nation's schools

[excerpted] The Obama administration Friday morning [5-13-16] took another historic step in its aggressive defense of civil rights, sending a letter to schools across the country notifying them that transgender students must be permitted to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

The letter does not carry force of law, but declares sweeping protections for transgender students under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs and activities.

The letter includes a threat that the Obama administration has leveled against North Carolina in the standoff over the state's law blocking legal protections for gay and transgender individuals: If a state fails to comply with the administration's interpretation of the law, it runs the risk of being sued by the federal government and losing federal funding, particularly for education.

Transgender students have the right to access bathrooms and locker rooms and participate on athletic teams that correspond with their gender identity, the letter makes clear. A school can offer private changing areas when requested, but those changing areas must be made available to all students — transgender students can't be forced to use them, the letter says. When students (or their parents) tell a school they're transgender, the letter goes on to say, the school must treat the student consistent with his or her gender identity — even if school records indicate a different sex for them. And schools can't require that transgender students have a medical diagnosis, undergo any medical treatment or produce a birth certificate before they're treated in a way that aligns with their gender identity, according to the letter. And schools must respond promptly to sexual harassment claims when the matter involves a student's gender identity or gender transition.

Bathrooms locker rooms sports teams anything goes. Just claim "identity" and discussion is over. They are calling it a "directive". Not a law, as of course 'dictatorial decrees' are not supposed to be possible in the 'good ol' USA' - emphasis on the "old" obviously - so let's not call it that, say they. What's a word anyway when all that's needed is to threaten 'federal lawsuits' for failure to bow down to the 'decree'.

Boys on girl's teams, access to locker rooms, etc. the so-called transgender issue is absolutely nothing more than a means to an end. Confusing the sexual identities of the current and next generation is the only intent, the operative word there being "confusing". Confusion is just another word for 'chaos'. Ordo ab chao - order out of chaos. The new order intended has nothing to do with the .0001 percent but has everything to do with the 99.999 percent. To 'rob' them of their identity and transform them into common-cored mindless subservient global slaves to be 'possessed' by the 666 Antichrist-worshipers [link].

That's the plan anyway. Social-engineering at it's diabolical worst. Devilish, literally, in every way.

Definitely take note - this 'school-decree' is a HUGE move toward the objective. Every child in the country will be directly and personally affected, if not 'infected'. Infection-protection highly recommended for your boys and girls. This can only be by way of educating them as to the true purpose of the plan to deceive lie rob them into relinquishing their being as male or female - which essentially is also surrendering their very soul.

Mark the date - Friday the 13th - 2016. This is now the historic date that the 'transgender ordo-ab-chao' agenda has been fully turned-loose to work it's dark cabalist evil on the nation's school system - and students. Woe unto them [Micah 2:1].

"Chaos" ahead. By design. Be un-infected.
Rev. 18:4
This "true purpose" was the subject of many other posts; see all: gendercide
Isaiah 10:1 'Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed'

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