New World Disorder: California 'Doctors' To Start Killing Off 'Sheeple' In One Month - '6-9'-16; Global Conspiracy

Originally posted 3-18-16 - Hotel California "Assisted Suicide" - California Doctors To Begin Killing Patients June 9, 2016
Ill Californians may take life-ending drugs starting in June

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Terminally ill California residents will be able to legally end their lives with medication prescribed by a doctor beginning June 9.

State lawmakers adjourned a special session on health care Thursday, starting the 90-day countdown to physician-assisted suicide. The law approved last year made California the fifth state to adopt the practice, but patients were left in limbo until the session ended.

Marilyn Golden, a senior policy analyst with the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, said the law doesn't go far enough to protect people from being coerced into a premature suicide by an abusive caregiver or heir. It also could allow people denied medication by one doctor to shop around for the lethal drugs.

Religious institutions, like Catholic hospitals, can opt out and ban their doctors from participating in any assisted deaths. Patients must have two separate meetings with a physician before a doctor can prescribe a life-ending drug.

If there is any doubt over the person's mental capacities, physicians are required by law to refer the patient to a mental health care provider. Certified translators must also be required for patients who are non-native English speakers.

re: "doctor can prescribe" a kill-pill

California governor Jerry Brown signed off on this new doctor-legal-kill law last year October 2015. As stated in the above article, the blood-letting was not to begin on that dark day though. The 'special' legislative session to create the California Brave New World Department of Euthanasia first had to perhaps cross their 't's and dot their 'i's (of Horus) and then wash their hands of the whole bloody affair Pilate-style [Matt. 27:24; cf. Pr. 30:20] before closing up shop. Anyway, apparently whatever was going on is now done and the only thing left is a required 90-day waiting period and then the culling can commence, which exact culling-commencement date will be June 9, 2016, or 6-9. Six - nine...that's the kabbalist witchcraft 'as above so below' number [link] is it not? Run Logan:

This post is a follow up on: Run Logan Run: California Legalizes 'Culling the Herd' aka Right-To-Die; And 'Logan's Run' Remake 10-6-15 "California Gov. Jerry Brown signed landmark legislation Monday, allowing terminally ill patients to obtain lethal medication to end their lives when and where they choose. One of the key co-authors of the legislation, state Sen. Bill Monning, a Democrat from Carmel, Calif., said the signing "marks a historic day in California"...The law will take effect sometime in 2016 — 91 days after the special legislative session, which is still ongoing, concludes. At that time, California will become the fifth state to allow physician-assisted suicide". -- For a society to adopt a policy of so-called 'assisted-suicide' truly represents a radically transformed view of human life. That radically transformed view just made a huge leap forward due to the ZNWO servants-of-Baal calling the shots in California. The un-reality that forms the basis for this 'view' is the self-perceived ownership of the masses of the 'lesser species of common man'. This "lesser species", in the self-deluded mindset of the would-be super-lords of the earth, are what they have already designated as being nothing more than "minions" - literally human cattle [link]. This is the absolute bottom line of the issue. And culling 'the herd' is in fact the cold callous cabalist reality of that bottom line...Culling the herd was the story-line in the 1976 cult-classic movie "Logan's Run"...Now with regard to this 1976 movie, and the whole subject in general, here is something very interesting: A remake of the movie 'Logan's Run' is even now in pre-production [link]. No dates as of yet, but they're working on it. And they're working on it in 'real life' too. [see post; video]
Death by 'doctor'. About to get real in Hotel California. Just take the little pill dearie, it will all be better now... Run Logan.

New World Disorder - "culling the herd" a global conspiracy [source]; Exodus 20:13, Ps. 68:20
Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:10 'For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. '

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