Entire Catholic Church Of Michigan Bows To Homosexual Agenda - And One-World-Religion Of Antichrist

Michigan Catholic dioceses modify employee benefits to include same-sex partners

DETROIT, Michigan, March 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – In response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex “marriage” ruling, Catholic organizations in Michigan at every level will be extending their health plans to any adult who co-habits with an employee, whether a sibling, uncle, mother, best friend or same-sex partner.

David Maluchnik, communications director of the Michigan Catholic Conference, the umbrella organization negotiating health coverage for 8,400 employees of Catholic churches, schools and agencies in the state, said the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling forced the conference’s hand.

The conference insists it is not extending benefits to same-sex partners per se. “It will be based on residence, not relationship,” said Maluchnik. “We will have no way of knowing what is the nature of the relationship” between the employee and the other “legally domiciled adult.” “What we’re looking for is that the employee and the legally domiciled adult have been living together at the same address for six months and are financially interdependent and could swear on an affidavit as such.”

Maluchnik said the MCC “consulted with Catholic ethicists across the country, including the National Catholic Bioethics Center,” and determined that its approach was “compatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church” and emerging federal human rights law.

LGBT Catholic activists applauded the Michigan bishops’ decision. “This is a good step forward,” said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, a group in Maryland advocating recognition of LGBT people in the Catholic Church. But he told the Detroit Free Press that what LGBT Catholics wanted was full recognition of same-sex “marriage” by the Church.

re: 'LGBT Catholic...step forward'

The above is a follow up, and no surprise whatsoever it should be added, to the linked posts below. 'Homosexual Catholicism' is a done deal, being accomplished step by step. The reality is that the deal was 'done' at the very moment that Ber-'Gog'-lio was given the keys to the popemobile. The first two links at the bottom of this post were two of many steps after that that followed, above is now just the latest. And what a big step it is though. It is an entire state-sized step. State by state, then all the world. Do not for a minute think that the 'one-world-religion-of-antichrist' planners have any other end-goal for the world's however-many-millions of Catholic religion adherents. They absolutely do not.

The one-world Zio-strategists are finished with the Catholic Church, it has served it's purpose of substituting Mary worship for that of the Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ; and putting a man i.e. a 'pope' aka "vicar of Christ" in the place of the Spirit of God; and re-crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ at every 'mass' for more than fifteen hundred years through "transubstantiation"; as well giving a man, i.e. a so-called priest who is anti-biblically called "father' [Matt. 23:9] the 'authority' to forgive sin...as long as the 'sinner' then does "penance" i.e. practices repetitive prayer aka "vain repetitions" [Matt. 6:7] - and so much more - all of which have no basis whatsoever in scripture; in fact all of which directly contradict scripture; but nevermind all those false doctrinal foundations of Catholicism which have served well to keep multitudes that no man can number practicing dead religious rituals and far away from true scriptural faith through the centuries because it's time to move on anyway and the Catholic church is now to be transitioned into the enlightened new religious understanding of the birthing new-world of global-oneness where all religions are equal and there are no limitations to sexual expression or disposing of unwanted children before birth and so forth.

Yes, Catholic religion practitioner, these are the facts of the case, and the Catholic-to-One-World religion transition is in full swing, and there will be no let-up until the entire worldwide membership is transitioned to a place of open subjugation at the feet of the god of this world aka Antichrist - with every other man-made religious system on the face of this earth - Rev. 13:8.

That this Catholic-transition is the very reality of this hour of human history, and that all Catholics are already being impacted by it, was made undeniably clear by New-World-Pope Francis less than three months ago. You see, we've been wrong all along Catholic, our way is actually not the only way - says he. We must now all embrace a new understanding of things spiritual, join forces with all mankind, and worship together as one:

New "Pope Video" - Fake-False-Prophet - Bergoglio-Francis Calls For World Religions To Unite, Flashes 'Horus' 1-7-16

Catholic religion represented in Ber-Gog-lio bowed at the feet of the "prince of this world"*
What must be understood is that every bit of this has been carefully orchestrated from way back. Way way back [Eph. 6:12]. Non-biblical religions to mollify populations through the centuries to culminate at the last by merging all into the one final Great Non-Biblical Religion of worship of Antichrist as god himself - 2Thes. 2:4.

That time of the final merge is now come. Catholic religion this 'merge' absolutely includes you.

The problem will not fix itself. If you would not one day find yourself bowing [Dan. 3:4-5,16-18] at the feet of the beast of Revelation who has the name of blasphemy upon his heads [Rev. 13:1], there is only one solution...
Rev. 18:4
New one-world 'Catholicism'? - compare:

2014 Vatican Synod Final Report Enables Homosexual Agenda - Despite Contrary Claims - Using Semantics 10-19-14 "The bottom line is that the new official Church document coming out of Synod 2014 contains the language needed to entrench the homosexual-genderless globalist agenda permanently into Catholicism. The above quoted paragraph from the Vatican Synod 2014 "Final Report" shows this very clearly with the insertion of a few key words: The paragraph starts off with 'We do not...etc. etc'., which leads to the first key word "nevertheless". Uh oh, watch out, here it comes. Nevertheless then leads to the next key word "accepted", referring to those with "homosexual tendencies". Sure enough there it is - the door is officially opened, it is now in writing - "accepted". "Acceptance" then naturally leads to this next phrase which is the clincher: "discrimination to be avoided"" [see post]

'Gaying' Of Catholicism Advances: Catholic Publication NCR Names Homosexual Couple As 'Persons Of The Year' 12-30-15 "Accept homosexuals in the Catholic church? Catholic you have no choice in the matter. The choice was made for you fourteen months ago at the infamous Vatican Synod of 2014...This must be faced Catholic religion practitioner. To remain in Catholicism without surrendering to the 'homosexual acceptance' movement will soon be impossible. To stay will be to accept. To accept will be to bow. The real bowing will be to the new-world-order of anti-christ [1Cor. 6:9-10]. No way around this either -- Note: The National Catholic Reporter's two "Persons of the year" claim '33' years of homosexual relations. '33'? That is called hidden in plain sight and tells you everything you need to nwo. Namely, it's a setup. It's 2016 and Catholicism is to be now delivered up to the 'beast'. Don't get devoured - Rom. 10:9-10" [see post]

Also: New-World-Pope Francis Says 'Zika' Changes Game On Birth Control - Catholic-Abortion Dialectic Begins 2-18-16 "...right on cue the New-World Pope reads from the new-world script. In a clear departure from traditional Catholic teaching NWP Francis changes the Catholic 'old-world' rule against contraceptive use...And just like that 'the discussion' of to abort, or not to abort, impossible in the Catholic-world 'pre-Zika', is underway. Important to note that the dialectic never fails. Once started, as deviously designed, one concession always leads to the next, and then the next, and so and so forth, until the intended objective is ultimately realized' [see post]
*John 14:9,30 'Jesus saith...the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me'

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