Obama Tango During Brussels Ordo-Ab-Chao A "Dancing Shiva" As-Above-So-Below Ritual   - Re: Newsweek 11-22-10

The story is known - Brussels hit with massive ordo-ab-chao on 3-22, Obama dances in Latin America on 3-23. Real response...or ritual playing out. It is not a hard question:
Obama Dances The Tango While The World Burns

President Obama is enjoying a taste of Latin America culture, spending the evening at a state dinner in Argentina. After dinner, two dancers appeared to perform a tango dance for the President and the First Lady.

At one point, the female dancer asked Obama to dance and after initially resisting, he got up to dance...

Obama (Shiva) dances "while the world burns" 3-23-16
The above article is linked for one reason only. That would be the title. The article is from Brietbart. The title itself tells much more than most people will ever know. Most have seen or heard this story by now though, seen the pics and/or videos, and know of all of the supposed controversy that it has generated. How could Obama dance "while the world burns" has in general been the chorus of criticisms. Ah but here is where so many fail to comprehend the reality, and the depth, of the tikkun-olam strategists [see tikkun olam: link] now attempting to close the deal on their gods-r-us world domination scheme.

What must not be missed is that in the unfolding of the dark-scheme to rule the world as would-be demigods, nothing 'just happens'. Especially anything in any way connected to a world-changing, or burning as the case may be, event such as "Brussels". Brietbart definitely did not miss this.

No no no. At such a critical point as this, without any doubt whatsoever, if it happened, it was done for a specific purpose. And that purpose in this instance is not hard to find. As always, it is an as-above-so-below playacting:

Obama dancing "while the world burns" is exactly what was portrayed on the cover of Newsweek magazine dated 11-22-10 [below]. It was Obama posed as 'Shiva' the Hindu 'demon-god of destruction'. According to Hinduism:

"Shiva dances in 'Rudra Tandava' or the dance of destruction in an aureole of fire, creating wild thunder storms all around the universe, even shattering the Sun, the Moon and stellar bodies with his matted hair..." [source]

"Lord Shiva is one of three gods who are responsible for the functioning of this world...He is a cosmic dancer who does his divine dance in order to destroy the weary universe so that God Brahma can start the work of creation - [source]

11-22-10 Newsweek Poses Obama As Hindu god 'Dancing Shiva'

"Another common form is that of Dancing Shiva Nataraja. This is Shiva engaged in a cosmic dance. It is believed that the energy from this dance sustains the cosmos, and when Shiva is finished with this dance, this universe will end and a new one will begin." -- On the 'other hand', putting mocking-Obama specifically in the 'dancing Shiva' pose, as learned above, is a blatantly arrogant display designed to inform the world that they are now in full control, i.e. 'god', they believe, and when the dancing ends their 'new order of the ages' - the novus ordo seclorum - begins..." [see Newsweek 11-22-10 post]
And so, there it is, the true reason for Obama's dance is as plain as can be:

Obama dances while the "world burns", playacting Shiva the demon-god that does a cosmic "dance of destruction in an aureole of fire" to destroy the existing world - so that it can be recreated into the 'novus ordo seclorum'. The Kabbalist globalists would-be demigods call this as-above-so-below. They do nothing without an as-above-so-below ritual. And apparently to ensure the success of the latest destruction of the existing world system a little Shiva-dance was ordered up.

Important to note also, Obama stepping back into the the Newsweek 'god of all things' - 'dancing Shiva' role - this plays right into the Obama fake-antichrist scheme one more time.

On that subject; see:
3-Yr. Flashback: ZWO Obama Fake-Antichrist Scheme Cameos On 'The Bible' TV Series; And More 3-18-16

Be thou ware. Rev. 18:4
Psalms 9:20 'Put them in fear, O LORD: that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah'


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There is a statue of the dancing Shiva on the CERN campus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN

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And the CERN logo is a 666