U.S. Dept. Of Justice 'Considering' Taking Action Against 'Climate-Change Deniers'

AG Lynch: DOJ Has Discussed Whether to Pursue Civil Action Against Climate Change Deniers

(CNSNews.com) – Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledged Wednesday that there have been discussions within the Department of Justice about possibly pursuing civil action against so-called climate change deniers:

Whitehouse: [:27] "...the climate denial apparatus that the fossil fuel industry has erected"

Whitehouse: [:42] "Under President Obama, the Department of Justice has done nothing so far about the climate denial scheme. A request for action by the Department of Justice has been referred by you to the FBI.”

Lynch: [1:20] “This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on."

re: 'climate denial apparatus...fossil fuel industry has erected'

A request for action has been initiated by the DOJ against the "fossil fuel industry" for erecting a "climate-denial apparatus". According to Lynch the matter has been referred to the FBI. The charade here as it unfolds looks to be 'civilly suing' the oil companies for their alleged "climate denial scheme".

Talk about "in-house". Who does not know that the oil companies belong to the global managers? Can the right hand sue the left hand. No, they work together. In other words, like always, it can only be a scheme. The purpose of a "civil suit" against big-oil for climate-change denial would be to set a precedent. Right and left hand working together, obviously the whole thing would be for show, but the reverberations would go far and wide. This would, as intended no doubt, create a societal 'climate-change' in the form of a climate-change-denial "chill-factor". Journalists, bloggers perhaps, etc., exposing the climate-change hoax for exactly what it is i.e. a tool for the self-appointed would-be global-masters to regulate every activity on the planet in order to seize total control of the planet - would they then be liable for civil or even perhaps criminal action down the road a bit? They've started down that road, where else could it lead. The entire take-over-the-world scheme is riding on the 'green-scam of the ages'. Clearly too many people spilling the beans, so to speak, is not desirable.

It was just three months ago that the "greenhouse gas destroying the earth" plan was finally ratified globally [COP21 - see below]. A signed 'agreen-ment' though is not a finished product. Still have to get it up and running. As that effort is now underway, apparently the next phase of the plan includes silencing the rabble.

see: COP21 'Agreen-ment' Done: On '13th' Day 196 Nations Submit Sovereignty To Green 'World Law' - Scam Of The Ages 12-12-15 "BREAKING NEWS: Negotiators from 196 countries approved a landmark climate accord on Saturday that seeks to dramatically reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases blamed for a dangerous warming of the planet. -- "the "most complex and consequential global accord ever"...So consequential the world will be permanently changed...and [with that now signed] the "greenhouse gas destroying the earth" cover-story as the reason for taking over the planet is about to be pulled-off" [see post]

Global dictatorships and free speech - and truth, are not compatible. As seen.

Know about it.
 Rev. 18:4
3-31-16 update: "Historic Coalition" Announces 'Climate Change Deniers' To Now Be Prosecuted - "To Fullest Extent"
Isaiah 59:14-15a 'And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth faileth...'  [cf. John 1:17]

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Anonymous said...

Have to disagree with you on this one. I think the globalists are doing everything they can to end all oil and gas production, in favor of algae fuel. They are using the same strong arm tactics Rockefeller used in the late 1800's to establish his energy monopoly via Standard Oil. I think there is a lot of sabotage going on including the BP oil disaster, the geo-engineered earthquakes "caused by" fracking, and the recent "suiciding" of one of the "reckless" pioneers of the shale boom by IMHO remote accessing his vehicle and crashing it head on into a concrete wall on March 2, 2016 at 9:12 am. He was a devout Christian and generous philanthropist.

The BP oil "spill" has created a huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico that is now conveniently covered in algae. I think there are globalists who are still in oil during the transition to their planned algae monopoly and "climate change" is definitely used as the road to ZNWO totalitarian global control, but I don't believe all big oil has been board. After the March 2 tragedy, however, they will probably get on board or get out of the way.

Trying hard to continually pray for the enemies of Jesus.....