Now Romney? 2012 Election Flashback: 12-12-11 TIME Magazine Romney Flashes Illuminati Eye

Follow up on: 'Batman' Trump '33' Point Pre-Super Tues. Lead, And 2010 Trump 9/11 'Sheeple' Commercial -- 'Illuminati' Scripted? 2-29-16 "Does anybody actually believe for even a split-second that the so-called presidential [s]election is not absolutely pure theatre through and through start to finish, outcome completely predetermined?" [see post]
Pure theatre never allows the action to slow. Cruz Rubio act wearing thin? - Bring in the next actor. The show must go on.  Below originally posted 12-10-11

Follow up on: 12-7-11 Canada-USA NWO "Beyond The Border" Deal Done, Will Merge Regulatory, Security, Police

Presidential elections so-called are a year away in this country. Just this week the USA and Canada inked a deal which will bring about an integration of the two countries according to the global-government agenda [see 'follow up' above]. Less than two weeks ago global central banks began an integration [here] and 33 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean formally integrated into a new Union [here]. These are very late stage developments in the plan for one-world government. And yet, for the entire next year in this country people will be subjected to an endless charade of political theatre in the form of a presidential election - which is the point of this post - namely, if a republican illuminist runs against a democrat illuminist, who wins? The global agenda, of course.
Current Time magazine dated 12-12-11. Not even subtle.

Christian, know ye not that this world is still the devil's domain and that the entire political sphere worldwide is nothing more than a shell game used by the self-proclaimed 'illumined ones' to manipulate all things to achieve their one and only goal of setting the Luciferian all-seeing-eye capstone down on the metaphorical pyramid, signifying the completion of the 'novus ordo seclorum', which goal they refer to as the "Great Work" or "The Plan". Electing of politicians is merely the moving of the shells 'round and 'round to baffle the duped, who keep trying and trying, each time hoping that they will pick the right 'shell', only to be fooled time and time again.

Gen. 6:12 'And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt' - Real Christian Your Citizenship Is Not Of This World - Phil. 3:20

Rev. 18:4

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