Brussels Anagram: 'Suicide-Bomber' Brothers Names Contain Message "Heil Barak Obama"

Follow up on: Brussels 'Attack' Revealing Numerology: Date 3-22 Time 9:11; And ZWO Syria Pretense; 2016 Oscars 3-22-16
From dictionary.com: anagram

1. a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters.
2. a game in which the players build words by transposing and, often, adding letters.
3. to form (the letters of a text) into a secret message by rearranging them.
4. to rearrange (the letters of a text) so as to discover a secret message.

Just a quick one here, with disclaimer. Whether or not an anagram must be complete i.e. use all the letters in any particular word or phrase to 'officially' qualify is not known. The rules, if there are any, seem to be fairly loose at any rate, gauging by the definition given above. Whatever the case, the anagram contained in this instance is derived by using only some of the letters. Regardless, it seems at the very least to be worth a notice in passing. Particularly so with the recent three-ring circus masquerading as a presidential campaign/contest which for a time had Trump being likened to Hitler with the phrase 'heil' being linked to him quite a bit: Well oddly enough, as it turns out, there seems to be a little message encoded in the names of the two alleged suicide-bomber brothers "Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui" that says 'heil' not to Trump but to another:

The first tip-off is the last name. It really is too obvious. The first five letters, rearranged, spell Barak.

- Ibrahim el-Bakraoui
- Khalid

Selecting from the remaining letters the name 'Obama' is easily found:

- Ibrahim el-oui
- Khalid

Once again, selecting from what remains, we find 'heil'

- Irhi el-ui
- Khlid

Put together the secret little encoded message is easily made to say: Heil Barak Obama

As stated above there are more letters (khlid ir ui) but they do not appear to spell anything relevant. Seems to be within the rules of 'anagramming' though to discard extra letters if not needed. Whatever the case, it is what it is, and in this case, 'it' does seem to have been a definite intent to convey a message - just like with the numerology but this time with 'nameology'.

Or is just another strange 'coincidence'?

On anagrams; compare: New Pope Arrives 3-13-13: Bergoglio Anagram and "Last Pope Prophecy" 3-13-13 "His name is said to be Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Sometimes a name may sound like something else, suggesting a thought; sometimes the etymology of a name may by interpretation hint at something; sometimes a name may represent something to a particular group or individual and convey a specific meaning, and a fourth way is through the use of anagrams...In this instance there seems to be a possible use of two of the above methods - 'sounds like', and, anagram..." [see post]

On 'heil' see also: 3-Yr. Flashback: ZWO Obama Fake-Antichrist Scheme Cameos On 'The Bible' TV Series; And More 3-18-16

Rev. 18:4
3-24-16 follow up: Obama Tango During Brussels Ordo-Ab-Chao A "Dancing Shiva" As-Above-So-Below Ritual - Re: Newsweek 11-22-10

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