More Blatant 666: 'Motel 6' Cactus Bowl Turns Field Into Giant 666 'Altar'  [1-2-16]

What: 'Motel 6' (666) Cactus Bowl
Where and When: Chase Stadium, Arizona - January 2, 2016
Who: Arizona State Sun Devils vs. West Virginia Mountaineers

Hidden in plain sight? Could anything be more "hidden in plain sight" than this. Tens of thousands of screaming fans 'worshiping' before a huge '666' displayed on the field of Arizona's Chase Stadium for the 'Motel 6' Cactus Bowl on January 2, 2016. Game was played between the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Arizona State...that's right..."Sun Devils"

The three images directly below are clipped from three different videos. As seen, there are three very prominent 'Motel 6' logos dominating the visual on the field of play. One on each end of the field on the 25-yd line and one smack dab in the center on the 50-yd line. The 'Motel 6' Cactus Bowl was the official name. The producer of the video from which the lower full-field image was clipped aptly renamed it the 'Motel 666' Bowl - link:

So it was the 'Motel 666' Bowl with the Sun Devils. Connection there is plain as can be. There is one more thing though that seems of some interest, which would be the name of the Arizona team member who is reportedly the Sun Devils star player:

The 'sounds like' name of the 'star' Sun Devil -- just noting it. The name 'Lucien', in this case a last name not a first name, is often thought to be derived from the name Lucifer. This is widely disputed also but regardless both are derived from the Latin 'lux' for 'light'. On that note we leave it there. Nevertheless, strange how it does fit the overall theme.

Takeaway is this: 'they' are bombarding John Q. Public with their Kabalist occultic symbology more openly now than ever. Be aware - to 'them' it is witchcraft and sorcery, designed to, as it were, cast a 'spell' on you...like what just happened in Arizona Chase Stadium where tens of thousands were completely oblivious to the 666-altar they were worshiping at. Be not oblivious, instead, know that 'they' are doing these very things everywhere you turn...and be 'spellbound' no more.
 Rev. 18:4
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John 8:12 'Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life'

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