Windows 10 Big Brother Takeover Is On: Microsoft Announces New Processors To Only Work With W10

This post is a follow up on: Windows 10 'The Service' Is Big Brother Computer Takeover: "All I Wanna Be Is Everything" Says He; "World Is Ready" 8-7-15 "Taking control of software out of the hands of users has been a stated goal of the would-be global-population managers for a number of years now (see post). Windows 8 released at the end of 2012 was actually the first major step toward this end. In retrospect it is clear the W8 was never intended to be anything more than just that - just the first step in the overall transition. "The World is Ready" was the motto at that point (see post). That was then, this is now. Windows 10 is now to be the fruition of the plan...With W10 redefining the operating system as a service, updates are now mandatory. Not only security updates, but also the very system features. Like it or not, whatever new thing comes out is getting downloaded and installed automatically on W10 systems. No 'off' button on this one. And this for "the life of the device" says Microsoft. In other words, as radically Big-Brother as W10 is here now right out of the box, what it might look like in one year, two years, five years..." [see post]
Microsoft says new processors will only work with Windows 10

[excerpted] Soon, if you have a new PC, you won't be able to run Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft has announced a change to its support policy that lays out its plans for future updates to its older operating systems, and the new rules mean that future PC owners with next-generation Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors will have to use Windows 10.

"Going forward, as new silicon generations are introduced, they will require the latest Windows platform at that time for support," Microsoft notes in a blog post published on Friday. "Windows 10 will be the only supported Windows platform on Intel's upcoming 'Kaby Lake' silicon, Qualcomm's upcoming '8996' silicon, and AMD's upcoming 'Bristol Ridge' silicon."

This new policy doesn't mean that Windows 7 and 8.1 are no longer supported in general. The two operating systems will continue to get updates through January 14, 2020 and January 10, 2023, respectively.

The policy change not only makes Microsoft's hardware partners happy — they no longer are on the hook to develop as many costly software updates for past versions of Windows — but it also helps Microsoft push adoption of Windows 10. The company sees the operating system as the "final" version of Windows; it's now a service, not a product, and this change better reflects that. [full article at link]

re: 'push adoption of Windows 10...now a service, not a product'

Less than two weeks ago Microsoft declared the intent to do everything they possibly could to "push" users into giving up their software-autonomy and surrendering complete computer-control to Microsoft's "Big Brother Windows 10 computer serrrrrvice". It is not a product anymore, say they...it's a serrrrrrrrvice. They  of course being the serrrrrrrrvice providers will decide what they will serve you, or what they will not serve you. No menu at this restaurant in other words. You will eat what they 'serve' you and no complaints or you might get sent to your room with no supper, or maybe even get grounded from computering for a little while until you learn your lesson.

As to whether or not Linux will work with the new cpu's no info could be found at this time. Presumably they would as the intent at this stage of the game is to 'starve' all Microsoft systems except W10, meaning W7 and W8 will not get to play any reindeer games on the new cpu's. Seems Linux most likely would update, but, who knows what they've got planned for the open-source OS's...down the road. No computer left behind..?

The first post below documented Microsoft's new 'pushy' policy, the second was a follow up noting just how quickly MS seemed to be putting that new policy into action. This latest development regarding W10-only cpu's truly exemplifies what was suggested in that second post - namely that the push seemed to be already becoming a shove.

Well they did try to give it away...

Alert: Microsoft Vows To "Do Everything They Possibly Can" To "Push" All Users To Windows 10 'The Service' 1-4-16 "'Windows 10 'The Service' Is Big Brother Computer Takeover: "All I Wanna Be Is Everything" Says He; "World Is Ready' -- "Microsoft vowing to do "everything [they] possibly can to get people to move to Windows 10" is a huge statement. More specifically, vowing the intent to even "push" to get what they want reveals how intentional they plan to be. These statements clearly signal that this now openly stated Microsoft policy cannot be ignored...Here is the reality for all W7 and W8 users. Taking complete control of the "Windows update" system of your computer/s is from this point forward critical if you do not want to be tricked or forced into being wired into the morphing Big Brother home-portal system aka Windows 10 the "service". Be informed. *This is just the start of 'doing everything they possibly can'. What does that say for 2017, 2018, etc.?" [see post]

Report: Microsoft "Push" To Windows 10 Becoming A Shove? - W10 'Nag' Bypassing Disable Efforts 1-12-16 "...because all they wanna be is "everything"" [see post]

One more important thing to note on the topic. Microsoft also just announced days ago a Windows 10 "milestone". With the latest "mandatory" update, for the very first time, all devices using Windows 10 are now on the exact same build. Computers to mobile to xbox, and even the IoT (internet of things). This is being touted as "a triumph for convergence" [link]. No doubt that is true. The goal is digital control of the entire globe and morphing W10 to connect everything is the plan. Phasing out everything else is the method, and as is now evident, pushing and shoving is the strategy of the method.

So it's January 2016 and this is where it now stands. The futile quest for apotheosis [link*]. Anyway, recommend take care of that 'old' computer...looks like it is going to have to last for a while.

Rev. 18:4
*Psalms 2:9 'Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel'

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