Dutch Take GWOT Script To Next Level: Machine-Gunned Police To Now Patrol Streets, Malls, Rail Stations

Dutch police to patrol public spaces with submachine guns

Heavily armed police will soon be able to patrol Dutch shopping centres, railway stations and other busy public places, the AD says on Tuesday.

In total, 150 police officers are being trained in the use of submachine guns, on top of the 300 firearms experts who already form a specialist unit within the national police force.

According to the AD, the heavily armed officers will be able to patrol on the street – a first in Dutch police history. The extra patrols will only happen if there is a heightened alert and if permission has been given in advance, the police said in a statement.

‘Police have taken this decision to train up more specialists and widen the conditions under which they can be used partly in the wake of the terrorist attacks using automatic weapons in Paris,’ a spokesman told the paper.

‘People may be shocked when they see them, but we live in different times,’ the spokesman said. ‘The aim is to make this country safer for everyone.’

re: 'on the street - first in Dutch police history...terrorists...Paris'

Heavily armed officers patrolling the streets - first in Dutch history - because of Paris, is the official explanation.

Which is exactly what France said eight months ago:

France Announces Patrolling Military Now Permanent - Because Of 'Paris Attack' -- Same Script In USA? 4-30-15 "Be informed - the goal is global, nothing less. It is also 'endtimes' bible prophecy - essentially the first stage, namely the Daniel 7 fourth beast on his way to devouring the whole earth [link].

The French and Dutch both installing permanent military-like police presence in public areas i.e. so called "soft-targets" because of "Paris". This is huge. It signifies a fundamentally transformed world is now accomplished.

And this huge global-takeover step brought about as a result 'of Paris' - the scene of a double production of GWOT theatre in 2015, the first of which was a 3-day spectacle beginning 1-7-15 running to 1-9-15, which, very clearly, was entirely based on a 'clear miss'*:

*Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Hit Or Miss? Clearly Something Is 'A Miss' 1-10-15

Then only ten months later came the sequel, apparently as a double-down tactic - the Friday the 13th of November Paris-production that very coincidentally just so happened to be concurrent with a mass-terror-drill:

Multi-Site 'Terror Drills' Same Day As Friday The 13th Paris Ordo Ab Chao - i.e. Controlled Environment 11-16-15 " "Another episode of 'chaos' occurs during another drill? How can it possibly be coincidental that so many of these events happen during or in close proximity to drills. Sandy Hook reportedly had a drill in the area happening at the same time. Boston happened during an on-site "drill". LAX was an exact duplication of a recent drill that "played out" that day [link]. The 'Elliot Rodger' Santa Barbara scene [link] had a drill scheduled for the next day. The recent Ottawa episode reportedly took place during a drill also, and on it goes. This drill-goes-live scenario repeats too many times to be mere coincidence [link]. That so many of these supposedly random events could happen during police-state-drills is beyond the realm of probability. Simple logic forbids drawing any other conclusion...Why during drills? The answer is very simple actually. If a drill is being run, obviously the entire area is going to be tightly controlled, and the chance of anybody being inside that controlled area that does not belong is going to be virtually zero. This would have to include every single person within the designated perimeter, as well any medical personnel or medical facilities that would be involved. Obviously having a controlled environment like this would be imperative if a staged event were to be conducted. Everybody there belongs there, there could be no witnesses to contradict anything. This would not be the case otherwise. [see post]

GWOT hoax to establish military rule of the planet. Making big moves now...country size in fact. And as transparent as can be. Be aware.
Side note: There is a reason the "G" in GWOT stands for 'global'. No election or 'new president', in any country, will alter the 'global script'. All are role players, all is theatre, all part of the circus. One juggles, one tightrope walks, one stands on a horse and rides around the ring, but they all are part of the same show. 9/11 brought the GWOT hoax front and center before the whole world, it is now at the point where entire countries are being transitioned into machine-gunned police states. Regardless of who in any country becomes the official 'Spokeperson', Trump-card to Clinton2 to whoever in this USA, it matters not. As this article clearly reveals, the 'bigger picture, according always to the script, will continue to transpire. Recommend skip the circus altogether.

Rev. 18:4
The Word God contains something like a script too, and reveals this about those who would scheme to usurp His rightful authority with their 'script':  'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them' - 1Thes. 5:3

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