Fake-'ISIS' Beheadings? Old Spice Commercial Shows Severed Head During 9-14-14 Seahawks/Chargers NFL Game

Reposted from 9-15-14 as the ZWO Global Bureau of Propaganda releases reports of another alleged 'beheading' 9-24-14

As always, the answer is hidden in plain sight

This post is a follow up on: Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff 'Beheadings' Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syria Invasion 9-6-14 "The Beheaders - the latest Theatre of the Absurd production, compliments of the global media conglomerate aka the ZWO Bureau of Propaganda..." [see post]
ISIS ISIL IS etc. etc. etc. - Can it really be all make-believe? How can it not be?

Twitter link: @OldSpice Did I just see a head to toe ad that includes a severed head?!? Really? Please tell me I'm wrong. NFL Fox football game. #notcool (9-14-14 Chargers-Seahawks reportedly)

Apparently Old Spice has been running a relatively new ad-campaign with the main character being a figure that could probably be best referred to as robot-boy. In this most recent commercial robot-boy is taking a hot-tub with some bikini-clad women, which causes him to short-circuit, with the result being the below image, which, for at least a few moments, sat on the TV screens of what was certainly a huge audience of millions of viewers watching the 9-14-14 San Diego Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL football game on Fox:

youtube video: link
Severed head commercial during a huge fan-favorite NFL football game? NFL, Old Spice, Fox, ZWO Bureau of Propaganda, taking their mind-twisting program to never before seen levels. Open mockery.

This one has to be right up there with last week's open mocking of 9/11: Obamas Commemorate 9/11 By Packing "KaBOOM!" Backpacks -- An NWO Admission? 9-12-14

And then there was Obama's early Halloween devil-costume used as a photo-op to be released with the 'big speech' on "ISIS/Syria" given the day before 9/11: Faking Antichrist: Obama Photo-Op Of 'ISIS'/Syria Speech Shows Him With "Baphomet" Devil-Horns 9-10-14

Can it really be all make-believe? How much more hidden in plain sight does the answer have to be?
See also: Israeli Mossad Code Named "ISIS" - And Imaginary 'ISIS' A Zionist Ploy To Takeover "The Promised Land" 9-13-14 "...Again the question, is 'ISIS' real or imaginary. It's not that hard of a question.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 28:1 'Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine!'


Anonymous said...

After watching this video and then a couple of other Old Spice ads as well, there was a reference to "human women." I was quickly reminded of Katy Perry's music video, can't remember the name of the song, where she is falling in love with a NON human (alien). I can't believe the conditioning that is going on now. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest...hybrid/nephalim??? This is the first time I have seen these commercials and frankly find them quite disturbing/creepy. And, the Old Spice hair ads are really wierd too.

Unknown said...


I remember a post some time ago (not sure if it was on this blog, but I think so), about Isis and something being pulled out of the sea looking like an isis statue? I just saw on 'end times prophesy report' under today's headlines a link of a discovery of an underwater city and they pulled out three statues, isis was one of them. Go check it out!

tom m. said...

Well Victoria, that post was not on this blog but i do remember hearing about that some time back, the 'sudden discovery' of a never before known underwater-city (off the coast of Egypt)

for me it did seem rather 'hoax-y' though - no explanation was ever given for how it was submerged, but they say possibly by an earthquake...but 'nobody knows for sure' etc.

Just a guess but with that little backstory it would likely (or maybe has) become a big attraction - good way to get a lot of people/tourists etc. to come and see and learn about "ISIS"

Anyway just throwing that out there - Rev. 18:4