"Ebola" An NWO Scam To Build Africom? Agenda 21 "Regional Coordination", Police State Response Announced

Problem-reaction-solution...one after another after another after another
Ebola outbreak: WHO launches $100M plan in response to "unprecedented crisis"

Sierra Leone declares public health emergency as other West African nations set new airport controls

The World Health Organization is launching a $100-million response plan to combat an "unprecedented" outbreak of Ebola in West Africa that has killed 729 people out of 1,323 infected since February, the agency said on Thursday.

WHO Director General Margaret Chan will meet in Conakry, Guinea, on Friday with the presidents of affected West African nations, the United Nations health agency said in a statement.

"The scale of the Ebola outbreak, and the persistent threat it poses, requires WHO and Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to take the response to a new level and this will require increased resources, in-country medical expertise, regional preparedness and co-ordination," said Chan.

"The plan sets out new needs to respond to the outbreak across the countries and bring up the level of preparedness in neighbouring countries," WHO spokesman Paul Garwood said. "They need better information and infection-control measures."

"It could be helpful for the government to have powers to isolate and quarantine people and it's certainly better than what's been done so far," said Dr. Heinz Feldmann, chief of virology at U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. "Whether it works, we will have to wait and see."

In a measure of rising international concern, Britain on Wednesday held a government meeting on Ebola, which it said was a threat it needed to respond to.

The president said police and the military would enforce a quarantine on all epicentres of the disease, and would provide support to health officers and NGOs to do their work unhindered, following a number of attacks on health workers by local communities.

House-to-house searches would be implemented to trace Ebola victims and homes where the disease was identified would be quarantined until cleared by medical teams, he said, announcing a ban on all public meetings except those related to Ebola.

Sierra Leone, a former British colony, said passengers arriving and departing Lungi International Airport would be subject to new protocols, including body temperature scans...Nigeria's civil aviation authority (NCAA) said on Thursday it had started temperature screening passengers arriving from places at risk from Ebola...Ghana also said it was immediately introducing body temperature screening of all travellers from West African countries at Accra airport and other major entry points, with isolation centres being set up in three towns.

re: 'regional preparedness and co-ordination'

Regional coordination is global speak for Agenda 21 international control of sovereign nations. Under "regional coordination", the sovereignty of individual nations is subjugated to the "international agenda". One of the problems for the international-agenda types though is that a reason to bring about this coordination is needed. Sovereign nations are little inclined to 'regionally coordinate' with other sovereign nations and surrender their autonomy. No, for that to happen, some sort of a lever must be applied to move what will never be moved otherwise. Two months or-so ago, appearing out of absolutely nowhere, a claimed 'terrorist group' called "Boko Haram" was used to create international and regional coordination in Africa [see link below]. Now, once again coming out of absolutely nowhere, "unprecedented Ebola" is doing the same. Regional coordination, new powers for government, police-military power grabs literally granting totalitarian authority, including searching houses and forcing quarantine, increased airport control measures, etc..

All because of "ebola", seemingly a very effective 'lever', the 'globalists' have taken control of another multi-nation 'zone' of Africa, and, facts are facts, everything being done matches perfectly the Zionist-Agenda 21 goal of regional global-government of all Africa. Important to note though, that while it is Africa in this instance, the plan is the same for all the world. Facts are facts.

Compare: "Boko Haram" An NWO Scam To Build Africom? African, Western Nations Agree To "Unify" To Fight 'Terror Group' 5-17-14 "It really could not be any more transparent. A pretext. Always a pretext is needed. And as is so often the case, it is the ever-useful "terrorist" pretext once again. Mysteriously kidnapped girls, by a mysterious 'terror group', so elusive that they can not be located, with the result being this especially 'urgent' situation demanding action. To make things even worse, said mysterious new terror group of "extreme Islamists", it is now claimed, has been found to actually be part of "Al Queda". Al Queda? Oh no, not that! This of course means global ramifications. It is the so-called global-war-on-terror all over - the GWOT. With "Boko Haram" (sounds like 'harem' - 200 girls?) now being a "global threat", the only solution is of course an international response. And just like that - there you have it - the plan is underway. "Unification" of African nations and Western nations, with the Western nations taking the lead to oversee the African nations in a new "regional cooperation"...Much of Africa is already in various stages of NWO-integration [here], but total conquest is the only goal...The reality is that all Africa must ultimately be Agenda 21 'communitarianized' just like the rest of the globe, according to the plan, and then placed into it's position as part of the global regional-management system of the Zionist kingdom come. As the military provides the advance guard, the corporate 'communitarian' trainers will follow in their wake and set up shop [see: Iraq, Haiti], and the continent of Africa will soon be that much further on the way to becoming completely NWO owned and operated. Africa will never be the same again. The world will never be the same again..."[see post]

A system of regional global government is foretold in the Old Testament Book of Daniel as being the scenario that will ultimately give rise to the Biblical Antichrist - believe it or not: link

Rev. 18:4
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Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this story. http://www.modbee.com/2014/07/29/3462434/california-tuberculosis-patient.html

Arresting someone who does not continue tuberculosis treatment seems quite extreme. It is not even very contagious. When the disease was more common, one member of the family might have it, and no one else ever come down with it.

But it does seem like a precedent is being set.


tom m. said...

Quote from article:

"A California man who disappeared after refusing treatment for tuberculosis, which can be contagious and spreads by coughing or sneezing, was found and arrested on charges of refusing to comply with health officials, a prosecutor said Tuesday...The criminal complaint charges Rosas Cruz with one misdemeanor count of refusing to comply with a tuberculosis order...By law, health officials can't force a patient to be treated for tuberculosis, but officials can use the courts to isolate the patient from the public."

Seems that this precedent..."refusing to comply with ________ officials" is showing up more and more in a number of fields. A couple of days ago in this neck of the woods a man was reportedly 'shot and killed' by police for "refusing an order by an officer" to stop his car.

While the incident may likely have been staged, nevertheless the story got lots of splashy news coverage, by which the subtle message did get sent to the 'citizens'

Hab. 3:18

Anonymous said...

Yes. It got a lot of coverage. Quite a bit of "have you seen this man? Police need your help" type coverage for about a week, then the article I linked. Disturbing, really.