Update: 2014 World Cup Pope-Ritual Final Predetermined? "It Went Entirely To Script" Says German Coach

Follow up on: World Cup Final A Kabalist 'Pope Ritual'? First Dual Living Popes From Argentina, Germany 7-11-14 "Are all the world's major sporting events as far as participants and outcomes predetermined for ritualistic purposes? The best answer to that question might just be that anybody that would disagree with that statement has just not been paying attention...[see post]
World's major sporting events predetermined? This post is just a quick follow up on the 2014 World Cup final, and is just to note a few curious things about the game with regard to that topic of "predetermination" - just for the record, so to speak.

After the 2014 World Cup 'pope ritual' bowl had concluded, the German coach Joachim Loew made the statement about the game that "It went entirely to script" [source]. Interesting thing about that is that after the 2014 Super Bowl the winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks said virtually the same thing: "Everything went the way it was supposed to". Additionally USA today ran a cover story on that Super Bowl game stating that it went "just the way they drew it up" [link]. Are they all confessing something?

A few other things about the 2014 World Cup interesting enough to at least take note of, even if no conclusion can really be made:

Above is a screenshot of an anonymous comment from a web forum - link. The conclusions drawn are those of the person that made the comment. Let the reader decide the merit. Granted the '666' thing does take some mathematical gymnastics to arrive at, nevertheless the 24-yr interval between the third and fourth title wins in each case is definitely a very interesting 'coincidence'. What the significance of that is who knows. The author of this comment did come up with one theory though. Brazil, Italy, and now Germany with their 1-0 "entirely to script" win over Argentina in this 2014 final, are the only teams to have won four titles. Brazil won a fifth in 2002. No other nations have won more than two. This info is verifiable here: Wiki

Another interesting thing is that the only goal of the game, as widely reported, came in the 113th minute. That's another mysterious occurrence of the pope-favorite number '13', of the game played on the 13th. [see 'follow up' post linked above]. Supposedly the significance of 'thirteen' is as the sum of six and seven. Biblically six is the number of man, seven is the number of God, or perfection. 6+7=13 to the occultist then speaks of man as divine. That aside, the goal scored at minute 113 itself was not an easy shot, but, like they say, practice makes perfect. In the final analysis, one can only wonder.

One more slightly interesting thing to note, only due to the known propensity of the Kabalist global-collaborators for all things numerological, would be the last play of the game. With time essentially expired, Argentina's star player Messi, also named the best player of the tournament, was given a free kick on goal that would have tied the game. It missed by a mile. The picture below was taken right after that moment:

--no photo--

What is as stated above slightly interesting in the all-things-numerological category about the picture is...notice the number on his jersey [#10]. It is the same as the final score. Proves nothing of course, just another little quirky thing seems worthy of at least a mention.

Other than that, can't do too much with it, so, after observing, we leave it all there as a 'curiosity'. What we do know without a doubt though is that "illusion" is always the modus operandi of the kabalist globalists.
 Rev. 18:4
2Thes. 2:7 'For the mystery of iniquity doth already work'


John Cole said...

A couple of interesting pics with occult symbolism:

Messi in this one


If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.
(Genesis 4:24)

The blazing star highlighting player #13


tom m. said...

about that second pic of the three German players with the 'champions' banner and the blazing star

there is a logo or emblem behind the guy in the center and the way it is framed he has a phoenix perfectly centered behind his head almost like a crown