2014 World Cup Final A Kabalist 'Pope Ritual'? First Dual Living Popes From Argentina, Germany

7-14-12 Update: Nothing in the way of a 'sign' this time apparently, at least not anything specific that stands out; see follow up on post though: 2014 World Cup 'Pope Ritual' Final Predetermined? "It Went Entirely To Script" Says German Coach

....And Will There Be A 'Sign'?

Related to: Update on 6-8-14 Vatican, Muslim Prayer Meeting -Will There Be A Sign? - Tornado In Aurora, "3 Hell's Angels" Prison Escape 6--8-14 "On 4-27-14 the world witnessed the first of what will now be three of what must be considered "major pope events". That first "major pope event" being noted here was the unprecedented 3D dual-pope double dead-pope canonization ritual/spectacular at the Vatican. The second of the three "major pope events" being noted here was fake 'false prophet' Bergoglio/Francis's 5-25-14 first-ever visit to Jerusalem...Prior to each event the question was raised as to whether there might be "a sign" to, as-it-were, mark the occasion (i.e. geoengineered 'sign' - meteorite, earthquake, tsunami, etc.). In both instances this seemed to be exactly what happened ...As documented above [see post], the first two 'major pope events' both concluded with same-day tornadoes, seemingly location-specific. Two for two going into this third event...[and]...Sure enough, after this 6-8-14 'Vatican global-religion-prayer/Beast asteroid' ceremonial, another same-day location-specific tornado hits. That makes three for three now...
World Cup Final Pits Francis Against Benedict in Papal Match

The World Cup final between Argentina and Germany is pitting the sporting allegiances of two living popes for the first time. Argentina-born Francis, 77, formerly Jorge Bergoglio, is known to be a soccer fan, especially of Buenos Aires’s San Lorenzo de Almagro team. He was the first pope elected from Latin America.

Pope Benedict, 87, who retired in February last year in an unprecedented move, is more associated with the image of a studious theologian who helped enforce church doctrine in much of the past 30 years. Benedict, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, was born in the Bavarian city of Marktl.

This match is extraordinary for a reason: Ratzinger is the Beckenbauer of the Church, he’s a man who played all his life in his own half of the field, he’s conservative,” said Piero Schiavazzi, a journalist who covers the Vatican. “On the other side, there’s a man, Bergoglio, who has spent all his life in the opponents’ half of the field, he represents the Church which goes beyond its limits.”

Argentina versus Germany in the "World Cup"? - Is it another Kabbalist ritual?

What else can it be? Are all the world's major sporting events as far as participants and outcomes predetermined for ritualistic purposes? The best answer to that question might just be that anybody that would disagree with that statement has just not been paying attention. The World Cup of soccer is only played every four years. There has never in history been two living popes, until now of course. Who can calculate the odds then of the first ever two living popes being from the two nations making up the very first World Cup soccer final of their dual-pope tenure. It cannot be calculated because it is quite simply beyond the realm of chance. The likelihood of it happening does fall squarely into the category of high probability for ritualistic practice though.

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Germany made the finals defeating Brazil by the 'unimaginable' score of 7-1. Brazil's star player did not play in the game being 'injured' in the prior match against Colombia. Seems the producers of the Simpsons episode aired in April 2014 depicting the Brazilian soccer team had a premonition of this. link

Note: Argentina advanced to the finals by defeating Holland on penalty kicks after an unprecedented 0-0 draw. Never in the World Cup history (1930-2014) has any semifinal match gone scoreless after two full hours of play. Reportedly there were virtually not even any real attempts made on goal throughout the entire game: "This was the first World Cup semi-final to end in a goalless draw...The problem was that Holland were so intent on stopping Argentina that they forgot to play themselves. It was 99 minutes before they mustered a shot at goal... With 35 minutes gone, the most inspirational player in the Dutch team during this campaign had touched the ball a total of four times, twice on each flank, never to great effect...The aim of football, the very essence of the activity, is to score, and both teams failed in that objective. In a second half barely improved on the dismal first, the one real chance fell to Argentina in the 76th minute [7+6]. Gonzalo Higuain failed to put away a nice cross by Enzo Perez at the near post...There were 13 minutes gone when Holland forced the first chance of the game, and their only real crack at the target in the first half. It came from Wesley Sneijder, who curled the ball wide from 20 yards...Brazil’s dreams were crushed within 25 minutes of kick-off the previous night, Germany dishing out humiliation on an unimagined scale amid defensive calamity." [source]

And that is how Argentina vs Germany in the first ever pope vs. pope "head to head" bowl came to be.

Ratzinger/Benedict suddenly "retired" in early 2013, Bergoglio/Francis was installed in his room shortly after - March 13, 2013. As many will recall, the ceremony was a literal numerology-fest highlighting the number '13' [link]. The number '13' was also a big part of the first ever 'dual-dead-pope dual-living-pope 3-D ritual' of 4-27-14 [link], which was the first of three to date major-pope-rituals, as mentioned in the 'related to' post linked above. And so now here they go again with the 2014 World Cup final, starring the respective countries of the first ever dual-living-pope scenario, to be held on Sunday July 13. Meaningless coincidence? Not to the conjuring Babylonian Synagogue of Satan strategists that would control the destiny of the world (they believe - Ezek. 9:9) through their witchcraft - that's for sure.

Anyway, noting the date only for the purpose of further eliminating the arguments for 'chance' with regard to what is certainly another major 'pope ritual' about to be unleashed into the 'spiritual atmosphere' of 'earth'. As-above-so-below they call that.

As stated in the post linked at the top, there have been three recent major-pope-events, and the Pope-vs-Pope World Cup Sunday the 13th without question will be the fourth. The 4-27-14 3D dual-pope worldwide broadcast was the first event [link]; Bergoglio's 5-25-14 first ever foray into Jerusalem the second [link1; link2]; and the 6-8-14 first ever Muslim-Jew-Catholic Vatican prayer meeting the third [link]. The question was asked prior to each of the three previous ritual-events whether there would be some sort of a specific (geoengineered) "sign" to mark the event. Again, as mentioned at top, it proved to be, in very dramatic fashion, three for three...[see post; follow links].

What specifically this "Head to Head" as-above-so-below 7-13-14 pope vs. pope bowl is supposed to accomplish in the nether-world to bring to pass the Kabbalist universe-domination goals can only be conjectured without seeing their 'blackprints'. Perhaps after the fact it will be evident.

At any rate, odds are that there will in fact be some sort of 'sign' to mark the 'unprecedented' occasion. Watch and see.
 Rev. 18:4
See all: fake 'false prophet' pope
Isaiah 14:22 '...I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD'

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