NWO Awards Nobel Peace Prize To The European Union For Ordo Ab Chao Agenda 21 Merge

This post is a follow up on: Eleven Largest European Nations Release Document Laying Out Plan For United Europe With Single President 9-19-12 "In a document released on Tuesday...the bloc, which includes all the largest European countries...[called for]...a single, elected head of state for Europe - a new pan-EU foreign ministry...which "could eventually involve a European army" - an end to existing national vetoes - sweeping new powers for the European Parliament - [and] a super-qualified majority of the EU member states" [that could not] be blocked" -  Multiple nations grouped into regional blocs and managed as single entities. The globalist plan calls for every nation on the earth to be placed into it's own group, exactly as the world is now seeing with Europe. Once that is accomplished - after a few more "regime changes" - the different blocs will all be formed into a single global government. The globalists call this plan Agenda 21. The Word of God says it will become the kingdom of the 666 Antichrist." [see post]
updated: 12-13-12 EU Given Nobel Peace Prize

As the heads of the three EU institutions collected the Nobel Peace Prize today (10 December) in Oslo, they were told that 'what this continent has achieved is truly fantastic,' but that more needed to be done to make good government win in Europe.

Speaking under the Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s allegoric frescoes of good and bad government, Thorbjørn Jagland, chair of the Nobel prize committee, said that Europe is surely not perfect, but that it has the power to solve ‘our problems together’.

We need institutions to ensure that both nation-states and individuals exercise compromise, self-control and moderation,” he said, adding that these are the principal needs in a world full of the dangers of the 21st​ century.

Collecting the prize in Oslo, Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, stressed the need for further fraternity between European nations in a time of uncertainty.

“We must stand together. We have collective responsibility. Without this European cooperation, the result might easily have been new protectionism, new nationalism, with the risk that the ground gained would be lost,” Jagland said.

Referring obliquely to the financial crisis that is affecting innocent people, the Nobel committee chair underscored the Union’s political set up, and stressed it must be consolidated.

EU leaders are meeting this week to discuss proposals for deepening integration and adopting a time-bound roadmap for the Economic and Monetary Union.

The European Union as the very first on planet earth fully functioning Agenda 21 regionally governed entity is oh-so-close to becoming realized. But, there are still some sticking points to be ironed out, as is evident from statements quoted in the above article. Like these for instance: "More needs to be done", "we need institutions" [see 'follow up' above], "further fraternity", "stand together", "collective responsibility, "deepening integration"...to point out a few. Nothing new there, just more of the same - merge merge merge, and give up sovereignty.

One very important statement to note though - "a time-bound roadmap for the Economic and Monetary Union". A time-bound roadmap to complete the financial merge of all Europe into a single system, which is an extremely important piece of the puzzle still needed to wrap this thing up, is where the heavy push will be. Upping the pressure in other words, to fully turn the 27 soon-to-be 28-nation EU (Croatia scheduled to join in July 2013) into the first absolutely finalized "global region" of the Zionist Agenda 21 planetary management scheme [here]. And as it is only the first of many "regions", for them, the time to get this done is asap.

Once the 'Economic and Monetary Union' is in place, the last thing needed before becoming effectively operational as a true 'region' will be to place a "single president", i.e. a 'king', in power over all of Europe. This too is well on the way to being accomplished. [see 'follow up' at top]

But after all they have come this far already, and all it took to get this far was to destroy the economies of numerous European nations like Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, etc., and then force economic and political integration as the only solution. So for that, they have awarded themself the Nobel Peace prize. That is how the real world turns. It is not a nice place
. Rev. 18:4
See also: On Barroso Call For United Europe - Europeans React 9-14-12 "Of course when it is clearly understood that the so called Eurozone economic 'chaos' has been absolutely orchestrated from the beginning to accomplish this very thing, it is ridiculously simple to see it for the massive sham that it is. Ordo ab chao. Create chaos, come in with the "only solution" - the preplanned solution which just so happens to be essentially dictatorship, regardless of any spin put on it. And the people are not being asked they are being informed. First Europe, then the world. [see: CELAC]

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12-13-12 update: Single Banking System Agreed To

Isaiah 59:8 ' The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace '

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