Update On CA Storm And "Atmospheric Rivers": No
'ARkStorm' This Time - But Just Wait, Says NWO

Follow up on: NWO Says "ARkStorm" May Hit CA: "Atmospheric River" To Bring 5-Day "Major Rain Event" Starting Wed. 11-28 " There is a new monster on the NWO-horizon, we are being told, capable of bringing major destruction at any given time to either coast of the USA [according to above article], and these are being called "Atmospheric Rivers" or "AR's"; which again, we are being told, may produce "Arkstorms" - i.e. potentially apocalyptic "thousand year storms"...Weather manipulation through whatever means aside for the moment, how hard is it anyway to make a flood if you control all the waterways and dams.
According to main-stream-media reports, Northern California did indeed get hit with major rains and wind, as predicted by the 'scientific forecasts', but for the most part the damage and flooding was relatively minimal:

California Storms Blow Over
SAN FRANCISCO -- A new storm system made its way Tuesday through already drenched Northern California, prompting renewed flood concerns in parts of the region. Stretches of far Northern California and southern Oregon were under a flood watch, partly because of swollen waterways and saturated ground from the previous storms that dumped 15 to 20 inches of rain in some areas and more than 5 feet of snow in the high Sierra Nevada...The storm on Sunday dropped as much as an inch of rain an hour in some areas while toppling trees, causing flash flooding to roadways and knocking out power...Rivers across Northern California swelled from the deluge but mostly stayed within their banks.

In other words, there was no catastrophic "ARkstorm"...this time. But what did happen was very interesting and should be noted. Apparently the nationwide media-frenzied storm warnings and reports over the past week have served as an introductory course for the population-at-large on the previously relatively unknown subject of "Atmospheric Rivers". A week-long crash couse actually. Atmospheric Rivers 101 it could be called. For the most part nobody had ever heard of anything like rivers in the sky that can "carry as much water as fifteen Mississippi Rivers" [scientificamerican.com; 12-4-12], but they have now because the NWO Bureau of Propaganda has made sure of it. And not only that, but the country has also been 'educated' to accept as 'scientific fact' that these new animals suddenly are now a 'fact' of life, even though they were never mentioned before. But they are indeed a fact of life now, say the NWO scientists, and according to no less than the USGS, a real "ARkstorm" hitting California one-of-these-days "is inevitable":

[0:3] USGS - Science For A Changing World (1-16-11)
[0:9] This film depicts the realistic outcome of a hypothetical, but plausible massive storm hitting the state of California...
[:57] a storm of this scale is inevitable....this is the ARKSTORM
[1:23] the ARkStorm slams the coast...beginning a process of destruction that will last for weeks...
[1:32] levees and flood control systems are overwhelmed by the incredible volumes of water...
[1:38] widespread flooding occurs throughout the state affecting Sacramento, the Bay Delta, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, San Diego, and many other communities...
[1:50] up to ten feet of rainfall, thousands of landslides...damaging homes, highways, and roads...
[2:02] much of the total loss is uninsured so large numbers of building owners do not have the financial resources to pay for repairs...
[2:15] many parts of the states flooded for months to come...

(2:35 - The proposed answer is to merge government agencies in order to be able to respond efficiently to the catastrophic results...which just so happens to be the NWO Agenda 21 goal - i.e. a monolithic dictatorial power structure)
Fifteen Mississippi Rivers is a lot of water to be floating around in the sky. But you are supposed to believe it. It is especially amazing when it is taken into consideration that John Q. Public is essentially now being told that devastating "AR's" can form at any time, to expect them, and when they do come, to be prepared because one of them very likely may wash their town or even city right off the map. As far as doing away with entire geographic areas goes, one thing about the so-called Agenda 21 'global management plan' that is a definitely known truth is the aspect of relocation of entire populations from 'undesignated' to 'designated' living areas [see: A21 and wildlands map]. 'AR' blamed-floods sure would help that goal along.

One more thought and it is on the concept of "weather manipulation" vs. "perception manipulation", quoting from this recent post:
Superstorm Sandy Geoengineered? 10-30-12 "Here is the point: Even a so-called "modified-weather superstorm" could be 'helped along' if need be to achieve a certain objective. And, with complete control of every media outlet in the country, the perception of what is happening is easily manipulated. Whatever numbers are thrown out, whatever images are used, lots of endless hype, and then that's what it is. The whole thing can be made-to-order"

Again, that weather can be manipulated does not even seem to be a question anymore. Still, though, this does not mean that the information that comes out about these 'weather events' is necessarily factual. Perhaps by manipulating the weather making ten feet of rain like the above video claims is possible, but could not the same effect be accomplished by opening up a few waterways here and there? It was an atmospheric river - really.

Science for a changing world, says the USGS. No question about that one, the world is definitely being changed - and dramatically. Are the changes being geoengineered though. Be informed, especially Californians with this one.
Rev. 18:4

(Note that the 'AR' in 'ARk' is uppercase and highlighted. This is to signify "Atmospheric Rivers")
Rev. 11:17,18 'We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty which art, and wast, and art to come...[for thou shalt]...destroy them which destroy the earth'

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