Engineered 'Economic Crisis' Works - EU Agrees To Single Financial Supervisor; And Bible Prophecy

Follow up on: NWO Awards Nobel Peace Prize To The European Union For Ordo Ab Chao Agenda 21 Merge 12-10-12 "EU leaders are meeting this week to discuss proposals for deepening integration and adopting a time-bound roadmap for the Economic and Monetary Union" - A time-bound roadmap to complete the financial merge of all Europe into a single system...to fully turn the 27 soon-to-be 28-nation EU (Croatia scheduled to join in July 2013) into the first absolutely finalized "global region" of the Zionist Agenda 21 planetary management scheme [here]...for them, the time to get this done is asap...Once the 'Economic and Monetary Union' is in place, the last thing needed before becoming effectively operational as a true 'region' will be to place a "single president", i.e. a 'king', in power over all of Europe. This too is well on the way to being accomplished. [see post]
E.U. Leaders Agree on Single European Banking Supervisor

BRUSSELS — E.U. leaders gathering here Thursday for their year-end summit meeting hailed an agreement to place euro zone banks under a single supervisor, calling it a concrete measure to maintain the viability of the currency as well as a step in laying the groundwork for a broader economic union.

The pact was hashed out in an all-night session of finance ministers that ended Thursday morning after France and Germany made significant compromises. Under the agreement, between 100 and 200 large banks in the euro zone will fall under the direct supervision of the European Central Bank.

In a concession to Germany, the finance ministers agreed that thousands of smaller banks would be primarily overseen by national regulators. But to satisfy the French, who wanted all euro zone banks to be held accountable, the E.C.B. would be able to take over supervision of any bank in the region at any time.

The bank supervision plan was first discussed in June* [see link below] and wrapped up in a matter of months — record time by the glacial standards of E.U. rulemaking. The agreement should serve as a springboard for leaders to weigh further steps toward economic integration during their meeting.

The new system should be fully operational by March 2014, but ministers left the door open for the E.C.B. to push that date back if the central bank would “not be ready for exercising in full its tasks.”

re: 'euro-zone banks under a single supervisor...record time'

It does not get any bigger than this. For the European nations to surrender financial control of their countries to an inter-national body is literally 'world-changing'. Those countries effectively cease to exist as nations at that exact moment. While an appearance of individual nationality may remain, it truly will be an illusion. A intertwined monetary system can only mean an eventual intertwining of and control over every aspect of life across the entire region. Note though that it is being phased in, as it is said that this beginning stage will comprise 100 - 200 of the largest banks in the Eurozone, while "thousands of smaller banks would be primarily overseen by national regulators". This is essentially meaningless on at least two counts though. Obviously the "national regulators" will then have to be overseen by the 'Big Central Bank', so that is a ruse, and the clause that states that the smaller banks can be taken over "at any time" means that they really have no autonomy at all.

Europe has been devoured by the beast. Over the past four years [here], the nations of Europe have been driven off their respective so-called "fiscal cliffs" and brought to ruin, and then [quote] "in a matter of months - record time", before the dust can even settle, financially hijacked into the 'novus ordo seclorum'. Just like that and it's over, deed done. Unquestionably these are the days spoken of by Daniel the prophet: "The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces...[and] ten kings shall arise..."

*EU Lays Out "Detailed Proposal" For Economic Merge; And Bible Prophecy 6-5-12 "The European economic chaos has done and continues to do it's destructive work, 'magically' creating international pressure to "fix the region's bank problems". This will require a "surrendering" of the "cherished national prerogative", i.e. each individual nation giving up sovereignty over their own economy to that of a "central authority"...Exactly how it was drawn up to work - crash the economies, take over the nations...Nations being dissolved and merged into regional blocs is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. The Book of Daniel predicts exactly what is happening globally today - the dividing of the governments of the world into regions or 'unions'; and then reveals that this development would be the scenario that sets the stage for the consequent rise of one who will make himself king over all...aka the biblical Antichrist. see: "ten kings...shall arise" Dan. 7:24   

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Rev. 18:4


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to watch this one. The US will eventually have to make a serious move as chaos begins to rear it's ugly head. Right now John and Mary Doe are asleep at the wheel.

tom m. said...

One thing certain...the chaos engineers are hard at it to regionalize and globalize this country just like Europe.