Occupy 6-Month NY Rally 3-17-12: Announce "Spring Offensive"; Police Response Reportedly "Most Violent" Yet

Dozens arrested as Occupy Wall Street marks anniversary with fresh protests

A protest to mark the six-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement has resulted in clashes with police, dozens of arrests and complaints of excessive force.

Police appeared determined to send a signal that they will not tolerate any attempt to re-establish an Occupy camp at its birthplace in Zuccotti Park in New York.

But after a winter in which the Occupy movement has lost some momentum, protesters said they had wanted to mount a show of renewed strength.

"This is our spring offensive," Michael Premo, 30, of New York, told Reuters. "People think the Occupy movement has gone away. It's important for people to see we're back."

Individuals who have been involved in Occupy protests for months described the NYPD actions on Saturday as the most violent they had seen.

Tim Pool, a citizen journalist who has been covering Occupy Wall Street protests since September, described Saturday's arrests as the "most violent" he had seen so far. Pool argued that the NYPD's efforts were a "a swift boot stomp" aimed at curtailing any attempts at another occupation.

Jose Martín, an Occupy Wall Street protester, said he believed the NYPD deployed heavy-handed tactics as warning against any possible attempt to re-establish the Occupy Wall Street camp. "They came in really hard," he said. "They're attempting to scare people off."

Occupy campsites were set up for months in cities around the United States and in Europe last year. In nearly all cases, authorities eventually shut them down.

This post is an update, follow up on: Occupy 4 Month Date Today 1-17-12: Occupy Congress Underway "So far...the Occupy movement has proven NWO-useful in that it has provided a perfect opportunity for 'live training' for police state totalitarianism - i.e. crushing dissent, as most of the Occupy camps have been forcefully broken up... again, the 'police state USA' now has a visible presence, one that did not exist three months ago"

3-17-12; six month anniversary. Occupy, only six months old, says that they have not gone away, but are back and are prepared to mount their "spring offensive". If the reportedly violent response of the police in NY is indicative of official NWO policy toward said "spring offensive", it makes it clear that the stage has been set to take the deconstruct-USA plan to the next level - increased destabilization through injected chaos as the sure result of the upcoming "Spring Offensive", and the further implementation of 'police state USA' as the norm.

As per NWO ordo ab chao design: destabilize, communitarian-ize, zion-ize. Be aware.
John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight...'

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