Limbaugh Saga Not A Fluke, It's A Free Speech Psy-op; NWO Launches Anti-Rush Radio Campaign

NWO Launches Radio campaign against Free Speech/Rush Limbaugh

NEW YORK — Rush Limbaugh’s opponents are starting a radio campaign against him Thursday...Media Matters is spending at least $100,000 for two advertisements that will run in eight cities...The ads use Limbaugh’s own words about student Sandra Fluke.

In one of the anti-Limbaugh ads, listeners are urged to call the local station that carries Limbaugh to say “we don’t talk to women like that” in our city.

Ad time was purchased in Boston; Chicago; Detroit; Seattle; Milwaukee; St. Louis; Macon, Ga.; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The cities were selected to support active local campaigns against Limbaugh or because of perceptions Limbaugh may be vulnerable in that market, said Angelo Carusone of Media Matters.

It really is very simple to see through this entire charade. NWO-controlled talk radio has it's employee, Limbaugh in this case, make a certain 'offensive' statement, which then gives the 'opposition' the opportunity to scream foul and go into attack mode, as they have done, whereupon the NWO then gets to play it up real big, to the absolute hilt even, as is happening, which then provides the magic moment to send a little message to all of society loud and clear that free speech is a thing of the past in Brave New America.

Forced public repentance for saying a bad thing was the first 'object lesson' Limbaugh demonstrated for the country by making good on a demanded apology, which he obediently did at least twice, paving the way for the next 'object lesson' - apology is not good enough - which will now be played out for all to see, as a campaign to apparently expunge the 'offending' talk radio host from the airwaves is starting up.

By controlling both sides of the debate, the objective is achieved. Absolutely NWO scripted through and through, and could not possibly be any more obvious.

Important to understand though that this Limbaugh-Fluke production is taking the NWO free speech shut-down to an Orwellian new level - the threat factor. Be aware.

1Samuel 2:8-9 '...the pillars of the earth are the LORD'S, and he hath set the world upon them. He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail'

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