FBI Head Says "Not Certain" If U.S. Government Can Kill U.S. Citizens In U.S.

Follow up on: US Government Explains "Why it Is Not Unlawful" To Arbitrarily Kill "Terrorists" - Including Americans 3-6-12 " Terrorists - the "stateless enemy". The invisible foe of freedom worldwide. Now the justification for the NWO's assuming of godlike powers - answerable to none - of life and death." [see post]
In a speech given Monday 3-5-12 at Northwestern University School of Law, Attorney General Eric Holder defended the U.S. Government's recently self-granted "clear authority" for the "use of lethal force" on "suspected terrorists...or associated forces" - including American citizens. Apparently the question of whether or not this "self granted clear authority", with regard to American citizens, applied only to those in foreign countries or were they actually claiming a "right" to also kill Americans in America. None other than the head of the FBI was asked to clarify on this point and replied:

"I'd have to go back...I...um...uh...I'm not certain..."

Something evil this way comes...is here. Be wide awake. Rev. 18:4
Habakuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!'

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