First Major Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today, March 23, 2012; 140 Sites Nationwide

Notable Speakers to Address March 23 Rallies standupforreligiousfreedom.com

In addition to the 15 Catholic bishops scheduled to speak at Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom locations, countless other influential speakers from all walks of life will also be addressing rallies throughout the country this Friday, March 23.

The speakers at the more than 130 Rally sites represent a wide array of backgrounds and professions, including members of Congress, physicians, college presidents, pastors, radio hosts, law professors, heads of organizations, publishers, religious sisters, pregnancy resource directors, and rabbis.

The New York City Rally will feature several big names, including Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and pastoral associate of Priests for Life; Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Msgr. Philip Reilly, and Mother Mary Agnes Donovan, Superior General of the Sisters of Life.

This post is a follow up on: NWO Plan Working: Nationwide Unifaith Protest Against HHS Mandate 3-23-12 2-27-12 "2-22-12 - Congealing the various "faith groups" into a single manageable entity is the design of the NWO architects of 'transformational change'. Having created circumstances where opposition is perceived to be crucial, i.e. the attack on religious freedoms...the various factions of Christendom are now being manipulated into taking defensive measures - meaning putting aside differences and joining hands....expect to see interfaith rallies beginning in cities across the USA anytime now..." [see post]

One world religion...in partnership with the socio-political realm - the woman rides the beast (Rev. 17:3)...this is how it's being done.

The paradigm-shifting significance of today's event cannot be understated. Never before seen in the U.S. - the government moving to restrict religion, and a first ever "unifaith" rally to oppose. It is a historical moment, but not in a good way. And definitely be aware that this is only the beginning of the what the NWO has planned in terms of using 'religious protest' to disrupt Americana. Again, the old order must be destroyed before the new order can take over. Civil unrest and civil disobedience is designed to accomplish that. Be aware, it's a set up. Rev. 18:4

Much more on these things; see: ; 'Manhattan Declaration'

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